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Are You Sending Signals of Positive Expectations?

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There's an interesting saying, "If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders." Does it wander to thoughts and emotions of fear, worry and confusion? Or does your wandering thoughts lead you to feelings of excitement and enthusiasm? Either emotion you choose notice how they're all based on expectations of future events. Whether you're sending signals of positive expectations or negative depends entirely on the actions you have taken in the past and at the present moment.


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Solution 19: Get Rid of Stale Conversations

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Eliminating stale conversations will take practice at first, but eventually it will be second nature to you. Perhaps you will even become a leader at setting the tone for refreshingly productive conversations.


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Solution 3: Identify Negative Feedback

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What constitutes negative feedback? Negative feedback is anything that creates self-doubt, which in turn causes you to stop doing things in a way that feels right for you. Negative feedback in all its forms, is one of the main causes of procrastination and goal abandonment. But will all its myriad forms how can we begin to identify negative feedback?


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Solution 2: The 100% Guarantee

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Most people you are in competition with are not going to give 100 percent. Reason being many have the same unrelenting negative feedback, emotional sabotage, and failure to plan. What is 100%? When you think of it, 100% is comfort level. Like water that seeks its own level, each individuals 100 percent should be what feels right for them.


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How to Be the Best: Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Over 20 simple Solutions on How to Be the Best! Fun and Engaging Techniques to Motivate you to Be the Best! Links to Each Solution.


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