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Cancer Treatment Specialists for Alternative Care Options: Handy Reference

For a Complete handy Reference guide to Alternative, Integrative, or Complementary Cancer Treatment Specialists, including links to testimonials and contact information CHECK OUT THIS HANDY GUIDE ☼


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Old School New Body AD

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Vinyl Graphics Installation | How to Ensure a Successful Install

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

Whether you're dressing up race cars, passenger vehicles or semi trailers, people who work with vinyl say it only takes a few steps to ensure a good, tight application. Step #1 CLEAN THE SURFACE The best way to ensure a good vinyl application is to apply the film to a surface that's as clean as possible. Just as with paint, good surface preparation is a must. Make sure it's clean and free of grease and oil, as well as what ever else might be on the surface. In most cases, that means first attacking the application surface with a


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Comparing Energy Drinks – A Healthy Alternative

Looking for a boost of energy in the mid-afternoon? Or while cramming late-night for exams? When reaching for the quick fix did you know there are healthy alternatives? So, why not maintain an active lifestyle with the energy and antioxidant protection needs of our bodies at the cellular level?


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