What If? The Movie: Awakening to our Unlimited Self

What If? The Movie: Awakening to our Unlimited Self This internationally acclaimed, award winning movie is a most powerful step towards your Unlimited Self.

Within you sits the power to move mountains, manifest instantly, live in the Divine Reality of unconditional love, and be, do and have everything you could ever want.

Featuring a Superb Cast
Key featured guests include: Dr. Joe Dispenza (What The Bleep Do We Know), Bruce Lipton, Ph.D (Biology of Belief), Dr. Masaru Emoto (Water Crystals), Bernie Siegel, M.D. (Love Medicine & Miracles)

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"I loved the movie! It has already made huge changes in my world. (What If? The Movie) is the most powerful and authentic movie I have seen...I loved it and it reminds us all to reach our full potential in mind, body and soul in life. Thank you James and everybody involved in the film… I watched the movie again and my favorite part is the director’s commentary, I love it! "- Lisa, Australia

"Thank you again for making this film. I can see how it will change many lives and hope MANY, MANY people that are ready to HEAR this will see it. I will continue to do my best to promote your very important work!"-Jenny, NY, USA
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