Action Machine Review: Getting Things Done with This Project Management Software!

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Action Machine Review: Getting Things Done with This Project Management Software!



by Sherry Piatti

I won’t get into all the sordid details about why I was drawn to the Action Machine. Lets just say I had a lack of focus and an abundance of simultaneous messes.  So I will get right to the pros and cons of Derek Franklin’s Action Machine.


PROS of the Action Machine:


Fun to use:

One of the main aspects that attracted me to the Action Machine is it’s ability to make a game out of projects. Derek Franklin’s Action Machine more than delivered in that respect.  This isn’t to say that it’s not to be taken seriously, and here’s why:

Straight forward interface design:

Perhaps one of the reason’s the Action Machine is fun to use is because of it’s simplistic layout design with big buttons for the attention deficit like me! My desire was to clear the clutter on my desk and in my head.  So working with a cluttered or clumsy project management software was the last thing I needed.

Eliminates two main causes that are keeping you from being a massive action-taker:

When Derek Franklin says It Creates Clarity by creating a simple, but clear list of things you need to do, he’s not kidding!  This project management software makes you want to create and enter important tasks and milestones simply because,

  1. It turns your daily actions/tasks into doable mini-goals
  2. It allows you to quickly and easily assign each mini-goal a specific time frame or deadline (fuel for motivation)
  3. It shows you the BIG picture of your day with a level of clarity that helps you believe you can get it all done.

Secondly, It Uses Time As A Strong Motivating Force – Assigning each task a specific time and using a countdown timer to work on that task within that time- frame.  This not only makes a game out tasks, but it also reveals the true amount of time it takes for a task or project.

Easy-to-understand and effective content:

Derek Franklin isn’t a psychologist or motivational speaker but he certainly knows his stuff about the core causes of procrastination and how to overcome it simply and effectively.  To ensure you get the most out of the Action Machine, Derek created the The Day Launcher System and The Day Launcher System Clarity Map, both of which are included in the purchase of this project management software. Pure genius!

One-Time Fee:

I don’t know about you but I despise monthly fees for online project management software.  My preference is an up-front one-time fee, and who cares if this means I do not receive the constant albeit annoying, updates, big woop!  I will purchase and download the shiny new version of the software when I’m ready to do so.

Lightening Quick Customer Service Response Time:

The heading on this one is self-explanatory.

Desktop Project Management Software:

I am a big fan of owning what I buy!  So there is personal satisfaction in downloading the system to my desktop. Not only does it provide financial security by not having to make monthly payments in order to keep the service, it also provides privacy by not having to use it in the cloud.  However, for some people, not having the product available in the cloud might be considered a negative aspect of the software, so we’ll include this in the cons as well.

Reasonable Pricing:

Action Machine Pricing

Want to see The Action Machine in action?




Cons of the Action Machine:


Not online project management software:

As mentioned in the pros, this is a downloadable desktop project management software. For some that is a pro, for others not so much.  However, since I purchased the Action Machine, it may have since gone to an online version as well.

System cleaners erase the manually entered Action System data:

If you only use the pre-loaded tasks lists then you are golden! There will be no worry about system cleaners wiping out your data.  However if you do enter your own custom task lists, there are several work-arounds to avoid having your data deleted.  You can either, save your Action System file to the desktop so the system cleaners do not touch it. But then you will have to replace the file. Or, you can contact the help-desk of your system cleaner to let then know what it is doing. Perhaps they have a fix for issue.  A third option is to enter the Action System into the exemption area of the system cleaner file so that it does not touch the files.



For me, the Action System more than delivered. It turned out to be easier to use than expected, and fun to use.  Since there is enough non-fun things to do in a day, the Action System is a refreshing change!  It also helps that Derek Franklin practices what he preaches by ‘getting his work done’ and answering his emails promptly when discussing the above “system cleaner” issue.  This has been by one of the most comprehensive, get way more than your money’s worth project management software for me!


Want to see The Action Machine in action?




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Getting Things Done with this Project Management Software!


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