Boat Lettering Installation | Vinyl Graphics from Cut to Finish

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC offers a clean and inexpensive alternative to painted lettering. Rather than masking, mixing, painting; then waiting for the paint to dry, RJ's Signs & Designs offers computer cut vinyl graphics. The vinyl has an adhesive backing for installation to virtually any non-porous surface, and even some porous surfaces, within reason. Once applied, vinyl lettering can be pressure washed without losing .its adhesive. The vinyl works great for seasonal watercraft, as shown in pictures below.


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The 3 Week Diet AD

Vinyl Graphics Installation | How to Ensure a Successful Install

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

Whether you're dressing up race cars, passenger vehicles or semi trailers, people who work with vinyl say it only takes a few steps to ensure a good, tight application. Step #1 CLEAN THE SURFACE The best way to ensure a good vinyl application is to apply the film to a surface that's as clean as possible. Just as with paint, good surface preparation is a must. Make sure it's clean and free of grease and oil, as well as what ever else might be on the surface. In most cases, that means first attacking the application surface with a


Reinforcing the Purchase Decision | Four Simple Tips

1.) Give the consumer more than he/she expected - do not let them know ahead of time or it won't be unexpected. © Redbaron | *** 2.) Provide belief-raising, doubt-reducing information. Assure them they have gotten quality items at a good price. *** 3.) Reinforce in your advertising-for those whom have already purchased from you will be listening. ***


Increase Sales with Newsletter Mailings

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

Newsletters are wonderful tools for keeping in touch with your customers and potential customers. They allow you the opportunity to communicate the most information to the best possible market for your product and/or service. Even if it's to keep your customers from forgetting about you, it's a good idea to keep reminding them, and to let them know the new things you've added. It's also a good way to show off projects you've been working on. But most of all make it informational and focus on the things that are important to your readers. As an example,


Handling an Irate Customer | Five Quick Tips

• Empathize with their situation • Offer to investigate the problem and get right back to them. THREE NEVERS WHEN DEALING WITH AN ANGRY CUSTOMER 1.) Never contradict an angry customer 2.) Never lie to an angry customer (or any customer for that matter). 3.) Never give an irate


Keep Customers Coming Back | Seven Simple Ways

I am a firm believer that if you give even 80% effort you will be in the top 10% or higher in customer service. Don't be intimidated by anything or anyone as your competitors will have just as many insecurities as the next business. If you would like to ensure to keep customers coming back, stay focused and follow through on these seven simple ways. Deliver on time. Make deadlines you are sure you can meet, then see if you can beat them. Coming in ahead of time will be a delightful surprise. Solicit feedback - always inquire to make sure the customer is pleased. Make it right — do whatever it takes to compensate your customer. Give preferential treatment. Let your regular customers know they come first! When possible exclude them from price hikes.


15 Secrets to Closing a Sale

Take the initiative to make follow-up contact. Determine whether a phone or personal meeting is called for (if it's a complex decision — set an appointment). When you call, make sure it is a good time for the person to talk. If it is not, schedule a more appropriate time. Think service, not sales - focus your attention on what the client needs. Find out as much as you can about the results the person is seeking. Welcome all questions — Act in their best interest and give them straight answers. Understand before you answer. Also ask them questions, so you can tailor their needs. Know your competition - be prepared not only to address questions about your product or service specifically, but to demonstrate how it compares to others, what trends it reflects


Avoid Canned, Overused and Vague Ad Copy

When writing ad copy, focus on a single unique selling point or number-one user benefit. Something that makes you different from your competition. Relate that to the rest of the copy you want to feature. Eliminate dead weight or overused statements from your copy, such as: For all your . . . . needs. Quality . . . . supplies. All work done by skilled professionals. Professionally designed and supervised. The perfect gift for any occasion. Modernize to economize. You've got to see it to believe it.


Reach the Inattentive with your Advertising

Get your money's worth when running your advertisement by capturing everyone's attention. Below are a few suggestions to get a jump-start on your marketing efforts. 1. Frequency. Create your ad so that it is shorter, but ran more often. 2. Begin your ad/commercial with your pre-processed word and logo. They should appear at the same time and within the first 1-1/2 seconds into the commercial. What is a Pre-processed Word? Pre-processing is putting your logo with a word - the word being first (thus the term pre-process). Example:


Success Probability when Marketing to Businesses

Thinking about marketing your business, but not sure which means or marketing will give the best results for your line of business? Consider the chart below which outlines favorable marketing methods if you sell Products or Services to Businesses: **** Greatest Probability of Marketing Success ** Good Probability of Marketing Success * Medium Probability of Marketing Success


Success Probability when Marketing to Consumers

Thinking about marketing your business, but not sure which means or marketing will give the best results for your line of business? Consider the chart below which outlines favorable marketing methods if you sell Products or Services to Consumers: **** Greatest Probability of Marketing Success ** Good Probability of Marketing Success * Medium Probability of Marketing Success


Procrastinate NO MORE!

We all know what procrastination is, but do we know why we do it? Experts explain that procrastination is not as clear-cut as we believe. Sure it's easy to understand putting off washing the dishes and the laundry simply because we don't feel like doing them. But what about when we put off doing the things we want to do; such as building a successful business, learning a new skill, or losing weight. Why do we continue to make-up excuses and put off achieving what we want to achieve? Psychologist believe procrastination stems from many causes, with the main cause being FEAR. Of course we don’t fear the dirty dishes, but many of us are afraid of some, or all, of the following situations:


Give Your Ideas LIFE!

Do you find yourself coming up with great ideas, but lack the ability to put them into action? Here's an easy system that will save time and bring your most productive ideas to life. 1.) Write ideas on Paper. If ideas come to you sporadically, then keep a memo pad with you at all times. It may be easiest to have a brainstorming session to write your ideas all at once. I call this the INCEPTION phase. 2.) Choose three to six of the most promising ideas. Those are the ideas you'll concentrate on and let the rest of your ideas go "for now." Do not try to work on too many ideas that you don't do justice to any ONE of them. When choosing the most promising ideas, use your best judgement "for now." DON'T WORRY IF ITS NOT GOOD JUDGEMENT AT THIS POINT . . . just do it. I call this the BIRTH phase.


Who are Your Gatekeepers?

As a business owner, manager or salesperson, you should constantly be on the lookout for "gatekeepers" to send business your way. What is a gatekeeper? A gatekeeper is a person who knows many other persons of whom they could refer to you for business or vice-versa. © Andrey Kiselev | Possible gatekeepers are


Which ‘WAY’ Motivates YOU?

Do you find yourself needing to be offered the chance to win vacations, automobiles, cash or prizes in order to become motivated? Or do you find receiving threats of being fired more effective? Which ever you choose, both are legitimate motivators. One is known as a "toward" motivator; meaning, to work toward something, such as a new automobile or a trip to Europe. The other is known as an "away" motivator; meaning, to work away from something, such as debt or death.


Timing is Everything in Home Sales

If there have been numerous home sales in your neighborhood in recent months, consider the positives. High sales in you area can mean a number of things. First, the more sales that occur in your immediate neighborhood, the more easily and accurately you can determine the price your home would sell for in today's market. Second, it also provides reassurance that the area you live in is a desirable area, thanks to neighbors like you. The downside to living in a high-turnover area is


Does Your Home Pass the Sniff Test?

If you were to describe the aroma of your home, would it be one of potpourri, pine needles, or wet dog? Maybe the odor is that of cigar smoke, Garfield's litter box, the morning toast that got away from you, or last night's garlic fettuccine. Take notice of the kennel, the hamster cage, the fish tank, the birdcage, or the dehumidifier. What may not be noticeable to you is often noticeable to others. Since I'm in the business of presenting homes for sale, I see the importance of a clean, odor-free home. With the increase of non-smokers, cigarette smoke is a high odor offender. However, the highest odor offenders are


Real Estate Networking at Work

Whether you're a home buyer or seller, it's imperative that you have a basic understanding of how the network of real estate professionals operate. In a nutshell, any licensed real estate agent can show, and sell, any property on the market, even if the agent is from XYZ Realty and the home is listed with ABC Realty. The only exceptions of when an agent cannot show or sell a property is if it's an exclusive listing with a company other than the one the agent is employed, or if the home is For Sale By Owner. Even then, the agent can arrange with the For Sale By Owner to show and sell their home as well.


How to Hire a Realtor

Whether you're looking to build a new home, or buy an existing home, do not make the same mistake many homeowners, and potential home owners make; which is to ask irrelevant questions of a realtor before they hire them! Questions such as; "What is your view on the market condition?" Or, "How often do you hold Open Houses?" One reason for not asking such subjective questions is because most individuals often have different views about many things.


Is Your Mind Absent?

It is when you perform actions unconsciously; without thinking. This unconscious act is a widespread self-annoyance called absentmindedness and is most prevalent with the elderly. However, I'm quite certain persons constantly on the go would rank a close second in absentmindedness. If you think you're not one of these absentminded individuals, just recall the last time you worried about whether you turned off the oven, unplugged the iron, locked the door, closed the windows or misplaced your keys or wallet. How about your purse or package? Did you take them with you or have you left them behind? Absentmindedness is not only an annoyance, it also wastes time. However, the good news is, there is an easy and obvious solution to the problem of absentmindedness.


Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks for Efficient Management

If all other time management tips have failed you, try the easiest method available. Schedule tasks in time blocks. Example: Set time to do paperwork from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a time to run errands to be anytime after 1 p.m. Unless an errand is a dire emergency, it can wait. Chances are the errand won’t be that urgent that it can’t wait two or so more hours. Start now and get control of your time. See an example of a Time Block and Blank Form below.


Success Secrets

The secret to success is that there is no secret. Just honest, hard work and thorough knowledge of the product or service you are selling, be it teaching, counseling, selling computers, security alarms, gadgets, widgets or even pencils. Having a thorough knowledge of the products or service you're selling will not only increase sales, but also offers the flexibility to have fun in the process. To add more direction to the honest, hard work and thorough knowledge part of success, one continues to read further on the subject of "Secrets to Success," "Tips to Success." and "Hints to Success," hoping for more, possibly easier answers.


Tricks of the Trade Shows

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

If it's true what experts say, that it takes an average individual three times exposure to a company to notice them and another seven times to buy, then it would appear that exposure is one of the most important elements to the success of a company. What better way to gain mass exposure than by setting up "shop" at trade shows where, in some areas as many as 60,000 buyers will view your company first-hand. True, trade shows and exhibitions require a considerable amount of preparation. In fact, preparation can take anywhere from several weeks to six months or more. But the reward your company will reap will be worth it.


Crime Prevention Tips

During the month of September, 1994 there were 79 burglaries, thefts and vandalisms in rural Brown County alone.  Twenty-nine of the crimes were committed on business property, construction sites, and even a baseball field. Many items stolen were cash, or anything that can be easily converted into cash, such as, guns and jewelry. Other items that are appealing to criminals are power tools, cd players and stereo equipment.

By guest speaking at the Bellevue East Town Optimist meeting, Captain Clyde Cribb, Administrative Captain of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, informed our group on what to do and not do to prevent any criminal activity. He stressed the three main things a criminal does not like…

1. Well-lighted area

2. Anything that makes noise

3. Anything that requires time, such as reinforced locks on doors.

Captain Cribb also provided a Crime Prevention Handbook, courtesy of the Brown County Sheriff’s department. The handbook provides excellent ideas on residence, business and personal security. A small sample of the information included in the handbook is…

  • A spring-latch lock without “DEADBOLT” offers no security on an entrance door. Lock with “DEADBOLT LATCH” offers some security, but not equal to one with separate deadlock.
  • A Flush Bolt Lock on an inactive french or double door will provide additional protection against forced entry.
  • For best protection, a Flush Bolt Lock should be installed at both the top and bottom of the inactive door.
  • Supplemental locks should also be installed in the top and bottom of sliding doors and windows.
  • Casement or crank windows are easy to secure. With the latch in the closed position, drill a small hole through the latch frame and the latch handle. A metal pin inserted now locks the latch closed.
  • UPGRADE BOLTS AND SCREWS. Screws should be at least three inches long.
  • Reinforce door hinges, especially if you have the door hinges installed backwards, with the hinge pins on the outside. 

The handbook also offers helpful hints for the business person from protecting your store against shoplifters, to avoiding falling victim to the passage of bad checks. The Crime Prevention Handbook is available by calling the

Brown County Sheriff’s Department. You should also contact the Sheriff’s department if you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program. The neighborhood watch program can involve as few as five neighbors to as many as 100. Remember, patrol officers may not recognize a stranger in your yard. . . . but your neighbors would!

* * * * *

Vinyl Advantage!

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

The use of vinyl material in the fabrication of graphics and lettering remains to be unknown or understood by many. Therefore, RJ's goal is to inform, educate and update the public in the greater Green Bay area of vinyls' myriad advantages. Below are just a few benefits of using vinyl material for graphics and lettering. If you have any further questions regarding vinyl graphics or lettering, please call us at RJ's Signs & Designs. Eliminates "down-time" of waiting for paint to dry. Vinyl is the "GREEN CHOICE, "meaning there is no release of VOC's during cutting or application. Vinyl is odorless and non toxic. Vinyl can be owner-applied for greater cost effectiveness.


Seven Keys to Create Climates in Sales Negotiations!

Body Language – Avoid gestures that are inconsistent with what is said.

• Creativity – Avoid using either/or alternatives. Use new and creative alternatives.

• Open Mindedness – Be open minded to all potential strategies and tactics.

• Questions – Use questions to establish your prospect’s needs, to clarify issues, to consider new alternatives.

Neutrality – Avoid value judgements. Use neutral, descriptive terms.  Don’t assume the role of the teacher.

• Listening – Listen carefully to what your prospect has to say.

Communicate clearly – Avoid using technical terms and cliches. Complex language builds barriers between you and your prospect.

By Gerard Nierenberg (Superachievers -Personal Selling power)


12 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail!

With so many books, magazines and other sources available to help businesses succeed, I decided to elaborate on a list I came upon in the Jul/Aug. '93 edition of Personal Selling Power Magazine. 1. NOT MAKING ENOUGH CALLS » How much is enough calls? Take the time to document sales calls to establish the average amount of actual contacts, leads and leads to sales ratio that can be made in an hour. The numbers will either startle or inspire you. 2. NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH PROMISES » Or to be more specific, making promises that you couldn't keep in the first place. Honesty is the best policy. Though you may think you are the most honest person in the world, ask yourself, when was the last time you told a customer the delivery date set is not possible? Scary isn't it?


12 Must Rules for Effective Market Material

From the book entitled, "Getting Business to come to you," by Paul and Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas, I have found 12 basis rules for marketing material that will help you make each advertising piece effective and inexpensive. 1. Think in terms of a marketing campaign, not in single advertising pieces. Each item and technique you use is coordinated to complement and enhance the others. 2. Aim your message directly at the people who can benefit from your product or service and at those who are in a position to buy. Example: Direct mail should be sent directly to the name of the person in charge.


Vinyl Analysis

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

Would you consider lettering your company vehicle with a garden hose, traffic cone or doormat? Of course not. Yet polyvinylchloride, or pvc, the same plastic that's used to manufacture garden hoses, traffic cones and doormats is also used to fabricate rolls of thin vinyl film for lettering an endless variety of surfaces.


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