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Looking for more great organization ideas ? Then you have come to the right place, please read further . . .

More Great Organization Ideas from the World Wide Web!

“Why didn‘t I think of that?”  We guarantee you‘ll be uttering those words more than once at these ingenious little tips, tricks and ideas that solve everyday problems.  When I received these tips through email, I decided to share them with you all.  The email did not indicate where each tip came from so I am unable to post each credit.  Please contact me to add your great organization ideas to the more great organization ideas page of


Curling Iron, Hair Dryers, Wands and Cords attached inside Bathroom Cabinet Door!


Use a File Clip to Keep Bottles, Jars from Rolling in the Frig.


Use Binder Clips to Hold / Organize Computer Plug-ins


Repurpose Milk Jugs into Decorative Craft Holders

Hang empty cans in decorative fashion to keep things neatly sorted.


Use baggies and clips to sort and hang those pesky small items.


Organize anything with a ‘shower-rack.’ Who said it had to be used in the bathroom?


Create a wall calendar that doubles as a holder. 🙂 Fun


Decorate empty soup cans to hold and organize craft and office items.


Use chain and rod to hold and organize ribbon, material, wrapping paper, and more!


Pretty up your phone and electronic charger. No more visible cords on the kitchen counter.


Fruit in a Waffle Cone! YUM!


Use Mini aluminum baking cups to make Popsicle Molds.


Pegboards offer functionality and flexability to store your most used items within reach.


We called this a Hope Chest, but apparently it can also be used as an Office in a a Box!


If you don’t make muffins then use the baking tin for misc. office items.


Clean out the junk drawer, use packing envelopes for small items.


Shoe Organizers are Multi-functional, and can be found at garage sales and thrift stores. Organize just about anything with Shoe Organizers.


Shoe organizers to store Electronics, or even small kitchen gadgets.


Repurpose Shoe organizer into a pantry closet

Repurpose a shoe organizer into a hanging herb garden!


Turn a Shopping Cart into a Mobile Garden.


Do you have more great organization ideas? Tell us and we will add it to this post!

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