Real Estate Networking at Work

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Whether you’re a home buyer or seller, it’s imperative that you have a basic understanding of how the network of real estate professionals operate. In a nutshell, any licensed real estate agent can show, and sell, any property on the market, even if the agent is from XYZ Realty and the home is listed with ABC Realty. The only exceptions of when an agent cannot show or sell a property is if it’s an exclusive listing with a company other than the one the agent is employed, or if the home is For Sale By Owner. Even then, the agent can arrange with the For Sale By Owner to show and sell their home as well.

Therefore, unless you’re unhappy with your present agent, there’s no need to purchase a property from an unfamiliar agent just because they’re the listing agent of the home you want to purchase. Think of it as a network. Your present agent can take you through the transaction to the close! If you don’t have a realtor, shop around. Interview potential agents to determine which agent you feel would do the best job for YOU! If you ever become unhappy with their services, tell them. Communication is number one.

Best of all, if you’re buying a home through an agent who is a member of the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, your agent can search the MLS database of over 4,000 properties listed for sale in the areas of Brown County and the Fox Valley, as an example.

If you’re selling your home through a member of the Multiple Listing System, your home will be listed on the MLS database, which is currently accessed by over 1,200 real estate agents throughout the Green Bay and Appleton areas.  Now that’s NETWORKING AT WORK!


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