How to Hire a Realtor

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Whether you’re looking to build a new home, or buy an existing home, do not make the same mistake many homeowners, and potential home owners make; which is to ask irrelevant questions of a realtor before they hire them! Questions such as;  “What is your view on the market condition?” Or, “How often do you hold Open Houses?”

One reason for not asking such subjective questions is because most individuals often have different views about many things. For example, some realtors believe in open houses, while many feel they are a waste of time. With all these views, how would you be able to decide which opinion to believe. Another reason to avoid subjective questions is because they do not tell you what you need to know, which is, “is this realtor a sales success? Therefore, hire a real estate professional based on their credentials and performance history, not on their opinions; since we ALL have those!

To quickly bring your search for a professional real estate agent to a satisfactory conclusion, ask your potential agents to provide you with the following:

Do they have the proper licenses to do the job?  Do they have their real estate sales license?

Have they completed the required amount of continuing education?

Ask the realtor to provide you with references. Ask for names of past customers.  Call their references.

Ask to see their resume. A resume speak volumes!

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