Does Your Home Pass the Sniff Test?

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If you were to describe the aroma of your home, would it be one of potpourri, pine needles, or wet dog? Maybe the odor is that of cigar smoke, Garfield’s litter box, the morning toast that got away from you, or last night’s garlic fettuccine. Take notice of the kennel, the hamster cage, the fish tank, the birdcage, or the dehumidifier. What may not be noticeable to you is often noticeable to others.

Since I’m in the business of presenting homes for sale, I see the importance of a clean, odor-free home. With the increase of non-smokers, cigarette smoke is a high odor offender.  However, the highest odor offenders are our canine and feline friends. Since I wouldn’t suggest getting rid of the non-human extensions of your family, I can suggest a routine professional cleaning.

For cleaning tough odor problems in sofa cushions, recliners, etc., the best store bought removal product may not be enough. Call in the professionals for those tough odor problems, because the top-flight cleaning services will have ozone generators for the really tough odors. For this you may want to call in fire & smoke damage restoration specialists, because they will generally have the strongest most effective methods available of odor removal products. An odor-free home may be the difference between a for-sale sign, and a sign that reads SOLD!!


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