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CheckMeDaily.com favorite Internet, Software,

and Time Saving Tools!

Favorite Internet Tools:


For those of us who have multiple email addresses, Facebook, LinkedIn AND Twitter, etc.  Why sign into multiple areas, when Digsby will alert you all at once.  A right click deletes emails or marks them as read, it’s your call.



Motivate Me is a FREE application that sits in you notification bar and periodically pops up with configurable random phrases or messages to keep you motivated. Motivate Me can also be used to aid revision for students, a timed question and answer system or any other situation where you need to remember facts or phrases.



This tool was created with the premise that “habit” type tasks should not be on our regular todo list. There are several reasons that keeping these types of items on your regular todo list is a bad idea.

  1. “Habit” tasks tend to obscure the most important tasks that have to be done.
  2. The value of a habit, is measured over time–not just a particular day. Regular to do lists don’t allow for this.
  3. When your todo list is full of “habits” it is easy to get discouraged when you have a particularly busy day because the focus is on that day instead of your overall lifestyle.


Listen to Free Online Music – Internet Radio.  My favorite right now is “That 70’s Channel.”  But I switch it up at time with Smooth Wave Jazz radio, depending on what I’m working on at the moment.  A close second (perhaps first) to “That 70s Channel,” is “The SuperBoomer” station.  Also  starting to enjoy www.Live365.com Pure Rock Radio.  ENJOY!


My Favorite Internet Shopping Tools



What woman can resist the industries best skin-care products all at a reasonable price.  The new Serum+C is the bomb for those who want to kick their wrinkle regimen up a notch!


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