Diagnosed as No Evidence of Cancer after Treatment with Cellect

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Diagnosed as No Evidence of Cancer after Treatment with Cellect.  Below is a Collection of Testimonials as told by Fred Eichhorn, President of the National Cancer Research Foundation located in Port Jefferson Station, New York.  National Cancer Research Foundation.  NCRF is a Federally Registered 501(c)(3) & State ST-119.1 Not-For-Profit Corporation. For over a decade NCRF has been helping cancer patients return to a diagnosis of no evidence of cancer.

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Happy Holidays, 

By Fred Eichhorn

National Cancer Research Foundation ·

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Hi Everyone, We hope everyone is doing well. 2011 has been a very interesting year with some very exciting things happening as well. Another blur right into 2012 – full speed ahead.

The new Port Jefferson Station office has been functioning well. We ask people to please be patient with us. We have 4 people handling the phones, we need 10-12, and we need more phone numbers, but we are dealing with what we can afford so we ask that you please be patient.  We are doing our best.

Fred Eichhorn Pictured Above. Click on Image to Read Full Article.

We are happy to be able to help so many new people with their various conditions, with great results. Fortunately, there have been only a few that we were not able to help, usually because of other interfering treatments or lack of consistency, especially when people jump from one protocol to another, combine the program with other treatments, and expecting magical results. Sadly, that does not work.

We found that people who did not have previous treatments had faster, more effective results with our program. We cannot tell people what to do, we wish we could reach people earlier to hopefully better educate them to prevent problems. www.ncrf.org website is vastly updated with video explanations, testimonials and information.   We are also on FACEBOOK. The group link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_218290438196220&ap=1

The good news – Some of the recent Impressive cases are:

Doug, Nov 9, 2010 – diagnosed with colon cancer, 9 cm, not given any hope, refused colostomy bag and chemo treatments. Chose our approach, started Dec 7. March 30, 2011 showed no evidence of cancer. Link: www.ncrf.org/doug .

Jen, 37 y.o. Brain Cancer, Astrocytoma. After Jen’s cancer returned for the third time in Feb 2009, surgery was no longer an option, she learned about us and came to us. She reluctantly agreed to take chemo along with Cellect, as she had just learned about us. 5/09 MRI revealed 75% necrotic tissue and reduction. 11/09 showed no evidence of cancer. While this helped her survive the toxic protocol, August 8, 2011 tests showed that Jen’s cancer returned after just 18 months after completing chemotherapy. Surgery was not an option and Jen was adamantly opposed to all conventional treatments because she knew they had not worked previously. She was determined and decided to take 14 scoops a day. One month later, Sept. 8, 2011, scans documented no evidence of cancer and no residual evidence. She and her husband are so thankful and feel blessed to share her story and written voice someday as she writes her triumphant story of survivorship. She has no evidence of cancer as of Sept. 8, 2011 testing.

Nancy, treated for multiple myeloma a few years with no successful improvements. Started our program about march, felt great improvements, weaned off of all meds and shows normal levels in most bloodwork and others are greatly improved, she feels great, better energy, skin, hair, etc, looks better. She said she has not felt this good in many years. Still healing.

James, age 23- June 2011- diagnosed with brain cancer, not given much hope. He refused all proposed treatments because he knew family members who did not survive those same treatments. Started Cellect early summer. He regained his stamina and energy, headaches are now gone, feels better overall. Went back to playing sports in November, has better accuracy, energy, fine after events. Latest scans show reduction and he has regained his confidence in getting better.

Ken NYFD – March 20, 2011 – diagnosed with stage IV invasive melanoma, given 11 months to live at that time. July 31, doctors confirmed no evidence of any cancer anywhere in his body. He is doing great and is active again.

J, 10 years old mid August – Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy, no muscle tone, extremely weak, and bones sticking out. After a week, he showed improved muscle tone and ribs and bones holding more correctly. After a few weeks, muscles hold bones correctly now, can sit up on his own, can push himself around, sat on an alligator float as his mom pulled him around the pool, he held himself up straight. Many muscular improvements as time continues, very exciting.

Larry, October 2011 – diagnosed with kidney cancer, the doctors were preparing to remove the kidney because it was pressing on an artery and restricting blood flow. He did not like that idea, started this and felt he was sleeping better and feeling better overall. November 29 – Tests showed that the tumor reduced and was no longer pressing on the artery, no surgery needed. He feels better and continues to improve.

Dog: Augie (yellow labrador retreiver) – January 2011, initially diagnosed with bone and skin cancer, sever in April, family did not expect him to reach his May 12 birthday. Pictures show improvements comparing April 7 to May 12 (picture wearing birthday bottle hat) and video running in the back yard. Memorial Day video shows no evidence of cancer as he jumps into the lake to get his stick. Many comparison pictures to show dramatic improvements. See link: www.ncrf.org/augie

Marcia, Diagnosed with cancer: endometrial – 2002, treatments; ovarian – 2004, Terminal metastatic liver & colon-2007- had surgery. Started in November 2009, April 2010 tests showed great. Currently “Cancer-Free” no evidence of cancer.  Feels great. She’s happy.

Melissa, Dec. 15, 2008 – Advanced metastasized lung cancer, told to remove right lung, then chemo, otherwise she will be dead in 1-3 years. Refused all treatments , took this, has no evidence of cancer after about a year, she has been fine with no problems.

Wendy,  10/6/06 – diagnosed with liver cancer in 2 locations, she was given about 3 months to live at that time. Her doctor was adamant that she immediately start chemo. She refused, she chose our approach with a different doctor, and her original doctor has not spoken to her since. By 1/9/07, there was no evidence of cancer. Today she’s fine, jogs every day, is a volleyball referee and is quite active. Link: http://www.ncrf.org/sections/testimonials/cancerous/liver/pages/wendy.htm

Todd, Diabetes, blood sugar would go to as high as 460, when he took 2 servings of Cellect daily, his glucose went down to mid to upper 200’s. When he started to take 4 daily, 2 weeks later, he was at 108 with no medication. He is doing great now.

Art, October 2011 – Huntington’s disease, partial disability, felt better in a few days. Now works normal shift, no longer tired, speech is normal again, sleeps through the night, everyone who knows him sees dramatic improvements weekly.

Julie, Nov. 19, 2010 – MS, brain lesions, unable to work. 1 month – back to work, exercising at the gym again. Feb 19, 2011, off all medications, doctors concerned at that time, not anymore, lesions are either dramatically reduced or gone.

Susan, Jan 2010 – Small Cell Lung cancer with pain from previous surgery, tumor growing. Started our nutritional therapy about that time. As time continued, she had improvements, basically no longer showing evidence of cancer as of October 2011

Janet, 3 year old daughter would get sick with wheezing coughs, fever, giving her Albuterol every 4 hours for a month. Now, when sick, after taking Cellect, no fever, never as severe, only one lung affected, Albuterol twice daily, clears up in a week.

Dara, 22 years old – was faint and was hospitalized after a Marathon run, Heart stopped for 14 seconds. After that, she had chest pains causing her to pass out, many times close to passing out. She was diagnosed with cardiac failure. Instead, she took this therapy and she felt better. Then, she got chiropractic adjustments to straighten out pinched nerves, pain was gone.

Joe, Saw us September 8, 2008, diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic, Liver, Bile Duct & Lymphatic cancer, given no hope. On October 5, 2008 – “No Evidence” of the 3 tumors. 2/9/09 and current updated tests showed no evidence that he ever had cancer.

For Additional Testimonials Click This Link: 

Angelina, 3 in-vitro pregnancy failures –started the program, her hormones were back to normal, pregnant in 2 months. Delivered Jan. 2010. Lucas will be 2 years old in January, doing great.

Jennifer, in CT, also had trouble with failed invitros, also found that she was pregnant after a few months and delivered normal with no complications. Needless to say, they are quite happy.

9/11 first responders, after helping with the clean up, have had lung, brain, endocrine cancers and other major problems. We continue to see great results with the responders we are treating, they are quite happy.

We also help other various groups.


Our efforts have helped the reversal of most types of cancer, including pancreatic, liver, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate, colon, lung, lymphatic and brain. Basically every type of cancer has responded to our programs. We are encouraged by the success rates of greater than 90% and anticipate rapid growth. There is never a fee to any person we help.

About Cellect:

Tastes wonderful – Unflavored, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry.  Also available in Capsules.

About National Cancer Research Foundation:

NCRF is a 501-C-3, receives almost no funding help, except a few thousand annually, a very small fraction to cover operating costs. A few people have been generous & helpful to us – we sincerely appreciate their efforts and support. I personally fund the rest from my private finances, which is extremely small.

Many fundraising programs that were proposed never materialized. Previous people claimed to do a fundraiser but they took the money and gave us nothing. Many groups or individuals who offered to help us did not follow through, which is quite disappointing. We move forward.

October 1, 2011, we had our first “Fundraising” event, totally organized by people who work with us plus a few volunteers. We were able to successfully raise some funding to help others in legitimate financial difficulty. Not one penny went to salaries/ compensation. Every penny went to the people who need it, designed strictly to help cover cost of materials.


As many of you know, Fred works endlessly and never charges a fee for his time, efforts, nor for the educational material. Fred figured out how to do trials within gov’t guidelines without subjecting anyone to damaging placeboes. “Double Blind Studies” include placeboes. Fred respectfully refused to do that because those with a placebo would most likely die, we can’t allow that to happen. Now, we can do it within the guidelines without risk.  One hospital is excited to start, 2 others interested. Trials will help provide the required documentation for acceptable use in hospitals. We have no funding yet to start trials.

We have a few videos, hoping to get a lot more videos to show, just no time. We also have 10 times more documentation of cases now showing no evidence of cancer, which we have permission to post. We simply do not have enough help to scan and post them. We hope more people will provide their information so that we can post their information to help educate more people.

Observations provided by other people show impressive results, causing an exponential growth of new people contacting us for help, we are now known internationally. We cannot afford more help, so please be understanding and patient with us.

We wish you all a great holiday and hope that 2012 will be a healthy and prosperous year for you and yours.



Fred & Lora Eichhorn


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The Daily Orange Excerpt:   Yevoli Sr. said he called about 30 patients who were in a similar situation as him who Eichhorn cured, and was convinced Eichhorn’s treatment was better than chemotherapy.

“You gotta go by how you feel and I feel great,” Yevoli Sr. said. “I’m 100 percent convinced this is going to work.”

Three days after first drinking Cellect on Nov. 10, the excruciating pain in his leg was gone. On Jan. 4, Yevoli said a PetScan showed the tumor in his leg – where the cancer originated – was half-dead. That was also about the time he started spitting up black, wormlike tumors from his lungs every two weeks, which Eichhorn said was a positive sign, but Evens had never heard of such a thing. Only then did Yevoli feel comfortable returning to school, knowing his father had a second chance – or is it third chance? – to live.

“I think that’s a reason why Joe has dedicated so much to the season,” Altman, Yevoli’s cousin, said. “Because in some ways, his dad does live through him. He coaches and he travels to every single game no matter where it is. When he got better, (Joe) became a little more relaxed and not so distracted. Sometimes you’d be talking to him but you could tell he wasn’t really listening to you because his mind was somewhere else. But he doesn’t seem that way anymore.”


LIWedding.com (Please Help, URGENT Cancer!)  Yes, my parents have spoken to two people who currently use his product and swear by it. Their cancer just disappeared! I know it sounds too good to be true… But I am sorry to offend anyone, but I have always believed that somewhere, someone knows that their is a cure for cancer,but it is too much of a money making illness for a cure to surface. Sorry if I get anyone upset by my statements…

 NCRF Discussion Board:

  • Re: Recurrent Prostate Cancer — Anonymous, Tue Aug 5 11:30pm
    There has been a huge volume of people who did well on the cellect program. Not many did poorly, and those who did poorly were because of damage caused by previous medications or outside… more
  • cellect — geri, Tue Aug 5 9:18am
    My husband had GBM IV, the worse brain cancer possible, he was given 6 mos max. He began using cellect and 21 months later he was still cancer free. Unfortuantely he has passed but it was not from… more

Cancer-Saved-My-Life:  Although I prefer not to use supplements (read my page on search for nutrient synergy), I also realise that they may become necessary further down the road for a variety of reasons. Recently I enquired about the ingredients in Cellect, and received a response within a few hours. The response is so professional and co-operative that I decided to publish it below. No, I have no intention of trying out Cellect in the foreseeable future, but the arguments presented on nutritional deficiency and proper nutrition are interesting food for thought.  Email received from the Cellect organisation on April 28th  Click Link Here to Read Email in its Entirety.  It gives a detailed explanation of the Cellect process.

UPDATE:  ♥♥ February 14, 2012 ♥♥ Comment posted on www.Melanoma.org forum by CheckMeDaily.com regarding CELLECT.

Re: Cellect

CheckMeDaily – (2/14/2012 – 8:00pm)

Thank you for posting this topic!!  As the creator of CheckMeDaily.com I want to get you up-to-speed on the creator of Cellect.  His name is Fred Eichhorn.  Fred was diagnosed with a type of pancreatic cancer in his late-20s.   The doctor told him he had three months to live and basically sent Fred home to die.  The doctor didn’t even follow-up with Fred. Fred Eichhorn took matters into his own hands by purchasing all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. that he needed based on his blood results; as explained on Fred’s website www.NCRF.org. 30 years later Fred is still alive and well !! Cellect has since been compounded into a master formula.  Fred has been helping hundreds, if not thousands of others to regain their health from all types of cancers.  Unfortuntely MOST do not start the Cellect therapy until ALL conventional treaments have been exhausted.  Despite that fact, many still do well and regain health.  It is super important to read every testimonial on www.NCRF.org presented and explained by Fred Eichhorn.  Once you read through as much as you can on as many debilitating diseases as you can you will then come to a more thorough understanding of the program and how it works. You will not get the most accurate information anywhere else other than the creator, and the vounteers working at the National Cancer Research Foundation (www.NCRF.org) I would also like to mention that once Fred regained the status of “No Evidence of Cancer” in his late 20s, he went on to get a chemisty degree, nutritional degree and became a transplant surgeon.

The National Cancer Research Foundation (www.NCRF.org) was investigated by the FDA in 2003 for false claims, but the FDA could not find any.  They told Fred he needed to wait 10 years and have 1,000 written testimonials before he could do any advertising.  It is sold only through www.Cellect.org.  AKA www.NCRF.org.

In my quest to spread the information regarding www.NCRF.org and www.Cellect.org I have found the following statistics:  Approximately 70% flat out are not interested.  Either they have not been afflicted by cancer, nor do they have a family member with cancer.  Or, they are flat out against anything other than conventional treatment.  29% will patronize me by being excited about the product, but they will not look into Cellect, NOR will they pass the information on to anyone that is suffering.  Only 1/2 of 1 percent of the people I tell about Cellect will either take Cellect themselves, or recommend with a vegeance to others when they hear they are in need.  The level of scepticism or disregard towards www.NCRF.org frustrated me.  However, rather than be frustrated I really should consider myself in a far elite group . . . . and I don’t even make $$$Billions!!!  🙂  Great health to you and your family and friends.  Bless you for “taking matters into your own hands.”  Be smart, Be Healthy!  😉

CheckMeDaily.com hopes you were able to read the many cancer cases *above* that are now diagnosed as no evidence of cancer after treatment with Cellect from  www. NCRF.org



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