Solution 20: The Past You Are Creating Today!

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The Past You Are Creating Today! Solution 20 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


20. The Past You Are Creating Today

by Sherry Piatti

The only past you need to consider is the past you are creating today! Whatever haunts you from your recent or distant past does not define who you or determine the direction you will travel in life.

Focusing on past negatives will attract more of the same experiences and the vicious cycle of discouragement and disappointment will continue.  Realize the past is of no consequence whatsoever.

The past you are creating today, however, is HIGHLY significant! Guard you thoughts, feeling and your emotions with your Life! Take each day moment by moment with the mindset that what you are doing or thinking this very moment not only shapes your future, but will also be the past you are creating today!

If you cling to your recent or distant past you are in effect beating the drum of those same circumstances. Although the names will have changed and colors are different shades of gray, your experiences will inevitably be similar in scale and even locale.

You must ditch anything that does not serve you, and instead, focus on continuously moving forward, with no reservation or hesitation.  Move forward through life with solid faith and confidence.

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If you insist on focusing on your past, then focus on the best highlights and be driven to create memories of a blissful, happy and peaceful past. A past to sink your teeth into and be thankful for all the great memories you can carry with you for life!

Yes, working on the past you are creating today is simply the flip side of working to create your future. The only difference is that for some, working towards a brighter past with happy memorable experiences is more effective than working towards a future that never seems to arrive.

Both the past and the future are constants, they happen simultaneously. So it’s up to you to decide which way of thinking motivates you the most, working towards your future or guarding the past you are creating today!

Happy thoughts! #Peace

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The Past You Are Creating Today!

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