Solution 19: Get Rid of Stale Conversations

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Get Rid of Stale Conversations. Solution 19 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


19. Get Rid of Stale Conversations

by Sherry Piatti

StaleConversationsYour conversations with others are indicators of what you are thinking and how you are feeling. If you find yourself pulled into a bitch fest or gossip hour, also known as stale conversations, immediately switch the focus. Quickly analyze why you are allowing yourself to be pulled away from your desires. Oftentimes the answers are that you’re simply trying fit in with the crowd or you are just trying to keep the conversation going. More than likely, your companions are feeling much the same way you do, and they too are just trying to fill airspace with more stale conversation.

Another reason you may have allowed yourself to be pulled into negative conversations is from lack of gratitude in the areas of discussion, or lack of gratitude for life in general. Rehashing negative situations will only get you more of what you are rehashing.

Eliminating stale conversations will take practice at first, but eventually it will be second nature to you. Perhaps you will even become a leader at setting the tone for refreshingly productive conversations.

Dump the stale conversation mind-set and immediately give thanks for the opposite of what you are presently verbalizing. For example, if your boss is being unfair, switch the focus to an attitude of gratitude that you are now attracting the ideal career or an understanding and reasonable boss. Love your desired outcome and it will come to pass. Love and gratitude are powerful feelings that will draw to you more of what you are feeling.

Another way to practice the art of refreshing conversations is to pretend the conversation you are having is with God, because in some way it really is with God.  When you converse with God do you whine or complain? Do you talk defeat or hopelessness when talking to God?  Then as with God, keep your conversation with others uplifting and faith-filled and you will consistently move towards your desires.

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When you consciously make a commitment to change your present situation, you will then need to verbally put that change in motion. Get rid of stale conversations and instead, pepper your speech as if Your goals are present, because in reality your desires really do exist at this very moment.  All that is holding up the realization of your dreams are for you to mentally and verbally claim them!


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Get Rid of Stale Conversations

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