Solution 17: What Your Fears Are Telling You

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What Your Fears Are Telling You! Solution 17 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


17. What Your Fears Are Telling You

by Sherry Piatti

This may be harsh to hear, but often what your fears are telling you is that you are not thankful enough in the areas you fear. For example, if you fear speaking in public, this could be an indication that you have not said, and felt thankful enough for your ability to be strong, courageous, or filled with self-respect.

Your public speakingfear of speaking in public could be a sign that you have not said thank you enough for attracting kind, attentive people who appreciate what you have to say. You will bring to you more of what you’re thankful to have in your life. Start with saying thank you for each and every one of your strengths, then you will have these strengths all the more!  Don’t forget to smile when you say thank you. A simple smile will enhance the feeling of gratitude.

Are you anxious, nervous, or worried about a project or a specific client? If you are receiving fear-type feedback, it could mean that your fears are telling you to regroup and give thanks for your ability to handle events beautifully.  Or say thank you for making this project go smoothly from beginning to end. Being thankful will have a huge impact on your emotions and your feelings, particularly if you do it with a smile, which in turn will bring to you more of what you are appreciating.

If you fear confrontations or have feelings of guilt for achieving success or having nice things, this could be that your fears are telling you to be thankful for kind and understanding people in your life who truly want you to be happy and successful.

If you fear not being able to accomplish all that needs to get completed on time, then practice being thankful for attracting the right people to assist you. Or say thank you for having outstanding technology to complete the project, and thank you for answers on how to efficiently accomplish the task.

Whether it be financial fears, fear of flying or first day on the job jitters, your fears are telling you to listen to your emotional guidance system and crack up the gratitude dial.  Be grateful for everything and more!  Also, while saying thanks remember to smile, relax and just have fun.

If you continue to scheme and map out in detail obstacles to avoid or objections to handle then you will truly be attracting more obstacles, objections, or clients that you do not want.   Flip that script and map out the details of what you want, not what you want to avoid.

When it comes to a desire to attract ideal clients, partnerships, relationships, or well received products or speeches, then by all means, scheme away! Plot, plan and map out in detail everything you enjoy and it will go in your favor. Put all your creative energy and feelings into your desired end result all while giving thanks! Then allow the Universe to assist you serendipitously.  If at any time during this exercise you feel a twinge of apprehensiveness or anxiety, your fears are telling you to give thanks more often.  The art of giving thanks not only draws us closer to divine guidance, it also keeps us focused and keeps our passion ignition lit.

handsSo start immediately to map out your ideal clients’ personalities and business style. How will the conversations with these types of clients play out? If you take time to visualize, with movement, your ideal clients, then you will be providing more of your ideal products and services, rather than allowing un-focused clients to take you off course. In other words you will be immensely more productive, and valuable to your preferred clientele because you will be working in unison with the products, services and clients in which you are deeply compatible. Compatibility in all areas of life exists and it feels wonderful Working within your compatibility zone makes work effortless.

A classic example of a fear-type moment I had was of a design that I went back and forth on with a client. The moment I sent the final design to the client for approval, a doom and gloom feeling overcame me.   The client requested so many changes that it was no longer a design I would have approved. In my estimation it was only good enough to get the job done, and the deadline was fast approaching.

Since time was of the essence and I had not heard back from the client asap, my paranoia kicked into high gear. The only thing I was able to control at this point was my fear.  So I took some time to visualize and say how thankful I am that the client liked and approved the design. Needless to say, that’s exactly what happened. Quite frankly it turned out even better than I imagined and all went off without a hitch.

Fear, in my estimation is the opposite of a thankful heart.  Embrace your fear by thanking God and the Universe every day for giving you the courage to achieve your goals and enjoy your success. The attitude of gratitude is a powerful attractor of all that you desire.  Gratitude draws us closer to the divine and keeps us focused and motivated.

So appreciate all that you have. Praise and bless everything in your life, so as to have more of the things you praise and bless. Be thankful for your ability to enjoy presenting eloquent speeches.

Embrace your fears by listening to what your fears are telling you.  Remove all doubts and paranoia by nurturing a thankful heart.  This will flip your fear-based mentality to an attitude of gratitude and a knowing that thy will be done!  ~ Amen


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