Solution 15: Switch Your 40 Hour Focus

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Switch Your 40 Hour Focus. Solution 15 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.



15. Switch Your 40-Hour Focus!

By Sherry Piatti

© Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

If you are continually annoyed by clients who waste your time, haggle on price, micromanage the project, take you off course or are slow to pay, then it’s time to reflect on your own, albeit, negative thinking.  If you frequently encounter clients with the above mentioned traits, then it’s time to switch your 40 hour focus.

If your focus is geared towards avoiding certain types of clients rather than on attracting great partnerships, then it’s time to switch your 40 hour focus! Take the focus off what you don’t want and visualize being in great partnerships with your ideal clients.  

There is a very powerful statement to remember and that is,  “If you want to know what you are subconsciously thinking, take note of how you are feeling.” For example, if you are feeling annoyed by questions a client or perspective client is asking, then it’s time to switch your 40 hour focus to clients who trust your professional opinion, rather than question your judgement.

Other areas that often require the need to re-focus include feelings of guilt for overeating, drinking, or wasting time on the internet.  If you find yourself engaging in behaviors that cause any type of distress, then switch your 40 hour focus to the type of behavior you want for yourself. Make a list of the traits you want for yourself just as you would make a list of traits you want from your ideal clients.  See a sample ideal client list below.

You will need to make a concerted effort to focus on your ideal clients at the same time feeling that you have already drawn your ideal clients to you. Eventually your new focus will become second nature for you. This new attitude will remove your fears, anxieties, and indecisiveness, and instead will make way for your creativity to thrive.

So From this point forward focus on customers who:

1)      Make up their mind in a timely fashion.

2)      Appreciate your products and service.

3)      Pay their invoices promptly.

4)      Refer your company to others.

5)      Who order consistently, and most importantly,

6)      Who want you to succeed! How fun is that!

In the time your competitors’ clients are formulating their decisions, your ideal clients will have already seized their opportunity. So switch your 40 hour focus to what you want, not to what you want to avoid.

The next time the phone rings, mentally declare, “It’s my ideal client calling,” while at the same time reflecting on your ideal clients’ list of traits. You will undoubtedly feel at peace rather than anxious about what is to come.

Make it your mission to focus only on wealth to the point that wealth is all you know. Add passion when you switch your 40 hour focus and your desire will happen sooner.

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Switch Your 40 Hour Focus!

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