Solution 14: Smoothing Bad Situations: Jagged Bowling Ball Technique

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Smoothing Bad Situations: Jagged Bowling Ball Technique. Solution 14 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.

Solutions 11 – 14 are super simplistic baby steps yet powerful motivators for when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and cannot get started. If even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult, then solutions 11 – 14 will work wonders to get you in motion easily and effortlessly.


14. Smoothing Bad Situations: Jagged Bowling Ball Technique

by Sherry Piatti

When I encountered a bad argument that appeared to have resulted in irreparable damage to the relationship, I found the following technique especially powerful in smoothing bad situations.  If you’re not a fan of visualization exercises, don’t jump ship just yet!  This technique is super simple to perform since we’re all familiar with the smoothness of a bowling ball.  Visualizing the oddness of a jagged surface to something we know to be smooth simplifies the transition from the roughness, representing the bad situation, to the smoothness of the ball, representing smoothing bad situations.

The  jagged bowling ball technique can be used to improve any visualization exercise for which you have trouble conceiving.  It can be used not only for bad relationships, but for smoothing bad situations of any type, such as feelings of overwhelm, financial pressures, or health issues.

You may even want to substitute a jagged bowling ball with other objects more appropriate for your situation.  Just remember, however that the object representing the END result should be an object you know well, and the object representing the current situation should be something that appears rather ODD, meaning something that easily dissipates from your visualization.

If after reading this post, you come up with alternative objects for visualization exercises, please write me! I would love to hear your ideas.  Post a comment below or Email Me.


So Let’s Get Started “Smoothing Bad Situations: Jagged Bowling Ball Technique”, described below:

To erase the memory of a bad situation I visualize the situation as if it were a jagged piece on a mostly smooth surface, such as a bowling ball. I then visualize taking a coarse piece of sandpaper to the jagged parts of the bowling ball, representing the situation, and work it until the entire surface is smooth.  It takes a few moments and works wonders in smoothing bad situations by providing a sense of  inner peace. I repeat this exercise a few times so my next encounter with the individual is peaceful. The rough edges have been smooooothed over! #Peace


Since I have become more conscious of all areas of negative feedback, particularly that stemming from resentment, my relationships have not gone into irreparable damage status.  Life has since become more peaceful and creative, freeing up time and mental energy to reach the goals that  matter!


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Smoothing Bad Situations: The Jagged Bowling Ball Technique

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