Solution 13: Treat Your Project Like a House Flip

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Treat Your Project Like a House Flip! Solution 13 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.

Solutions 11 – 14 are super simplistic baby steps yet powerful motivators for when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and cannot get started.  If even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult, then solutions 11 – 14 will work wonders to get you in motion easily and effortlessly.


13. Treat Your Project Like a House Flip

by Sherry Piatti


Enormous projects need not appear like the elephant in the room.  Simplify the process by treating larger projects in much the same as experts treat a house flip.

What do I mean by a house flip?  House flipping experts know that time is money.  Therefore, they set a deadline for which they plan to complete the project. To force the deadline issue, they schedule an open house for X number of days or weeks into the future.

Next, they make a list of all that needs to be done, in what order and by what date so as to stay on target for the final unveiling.  These mini-deadlines are called milestones.  The experts post their lists in a prominent viewing place and mark off the items as the project progresses. House flipping experts know the closer the sale date is to the purchase date, the greater potential for profit.

Setting deadlines as a public event is a great motivator! An open house event works well for a company’s new remodel, new product line, grand reopening, house flip and much more!

Other types of events include seminars, parties, or any event that helps force the deadline. Use the “Get-In, Get-Out” mantra of a house flip to create a sense of urgency!

During the process, also keep in mind the negative feedback rule, as mentioned in  Solution 3: Identify Negative Feedback.  If you encounter negative feedback that does not move you towards your goal, then politely say to the negative thought, or suggestion, “Thanks but no thanks, I am going to pass on you today.” Then gently repeat a positive suggestion such as“what if something Grand happens,” or “just suppose we achieve such and such.”  

Set goal, reach goal, rinse and repeat, then move on to your next house flip!

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Treat Your Project Like a House Flip

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