Solution 11: Master the Mundane

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Master the Mundane.  Solution 11 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.

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“Do not let the mundane master you, master the mundane and success will follow!” ~ @CheckMeDaily

Solutions 11 – 14 are super simplistic yet powerful motivators for even the most mundane tasks. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed and cannot get started, the next four solutions work wonders to get you in motion and help you master the mundane now!

11. Master the Mundane

by Sherry Piatti

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The preceding 10 solutions encourage deep self-reflection followed by massive action, whereas the next four solutions address mundane obstacles that cause drama as a result of raw human emotions.  More often than not, it is the most mundane tasks that trip us up and keep us from achieving our goals.  Although these obstacles are addressed in Solution 3: Identify Negative Feedback, I wanted to further discuss various simplistic methods to help dial down the drama and master the mundane.

The raw emotional obstacles I’m referring to appear in a variety of styles and debilitating levels such as zero energy, low self-esteem, guilt, impatience, anxiety, frustration, chaos, dread, and a feeling of loss or damage to a valued relationship perceived as irreparable.  Since these conditions are common one should never feel weak or embarrassed by these emotions nor their simplistic solutions.

For example, whenever I dread mundane tasks such as washing dishes, I dial down the drama by repeating the words, “I just have to run water into the sink.” The mundane act of running water ignites auto-pilot and before long the dishes are clean and put away.  No matter how simplistic the solution, the ability to master the mundane in daily living will reduce stress and provide results every time.

I use the same approach whenever I dread getting out of bed.  I simply say, “I just have to pull back the covers,” then I repeat, “I just have to roll over,” and, well, I’m on auto-pilot and the rest is history.  As the saying goes, “A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion.” Control Journal Example Control Journal Example


So what do you do when your mind is psychologically paralyzed just thinking about the amount of work you have to do?  Simply remind yourself that although you cannot conquer the World, you can master the mundane.  Then, decide which mundane task you will master first!  To get yourself on auto-pilot more quickly, I highly recommend starting a control journal (as described on

The master the mundane approach also works well with interruptions or when people ask for your help and their requests are NOT on your already to-do list!

For example, while my husband was undertaking a huge project in the garage he often asked me to assist.  His interruptions would typically annoy me and I often stressed about my own to-do list.  So as to keep the peace between us I used the master the mundane method by allowing myself to patiently await his instructions. This simply meant thinking, “I just have to wait for now.”   

Whenever nagging feedback re-surfaced, I would remind myself, “All I have to do is wait for his request.”  This technique not only kept me in a relaxed and peaceful state, it also made the projects seem to pass more quickly. When we master the mundane, we are really mastering our thoughts and emotions.

Another example of a raw emotional obstacle is fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking would be greatly lessened if one masters the drive to the center. Example: Step 1. Walk onto the stage,  Step 2. Take out your notes,  Step 3. Read your notes, and so forth while reminding yourself, “I am a master at walking.  I am a master at standing.  I am a master at speaking with enthusiasm!”  When thoughts of all steps required to make a speech bombard us at once we become paralyzed with fear; fear of tripping, fear of forgetting names, fear of forgetting the content.  Instead, take one moment, one step at a time.  Master the mundane and success will follow!master-yourself-218880



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