Procrastinate NO MORE!
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We all know what procrastination is, but do we know why we do it? Experts explain that procrastination is not as clear-cut as we believe.

Sure it’s easy to understand putting off washing the dishes and the laundry simply because we don’t feel like doing them. But what about when we put off doing the things we want to do; such as building a successful business, learning a new skill, or losing weight. Why do we continue to make-up excuses and put off achieving what we want to achieve?

Psychologist believe procrastination stems from many causes, with the main cause being FEAR. Of course we don’t fear the dirty dishes, but many of us are afraid of some, or all, of the following situations:

  • Fear of success and exposure.  The more successful a person is, the more privacy they lose and the more exposure to the public they gain – not a comfortable situation for anyone.


  • Fear of upsetting people.  “If prosperity breeds jealousy, then I’ll surely upset people when I succeed.”


  • Fear of abandonment by friends.


  • Fear of being inhuman


  • Fear of the unknown, “How will my life be after my goal is achieved?”


  • Fear people will think you’ve changed for the worse.


  • Fear of rejection.


  • Fear of wasting time.


  • Fear people won’t like you.  As the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top.”


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All of the above fears cause people to put off going after what they want in life. Thus begins the vicious cycle; Fear cause procrastination, procrastination causes failure, and failure causes; anxiety, low self-worth, confusion, confinement, lack of freedom, helplessness, lack of control, depression, sense of unimportant.

Bottom line is that confidence comes from doing.  In order words, “just do it!” Begin jotting down a few quick endings to the following sentence:

“If I don’t procrastinate, I’m afraid . . .  “

Then write down specific fears that pertain to YOU. Next, jot down a few quick endings to the following sentence:

“But if I don’t procrastinate, I’ll eventually gain . . . “

Then write specific goals you want to achieve.


REMEMBER: Short term pain, long term gain! Also Remember: The only thing keeping you from achieving your goals is procrastination!

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