Solution 1: How to Be Your Best!

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How to Be Your Best.  Solution 1 of How to Be the Best! For more information see >>>> Table of Contents.



1. How to Be Your Best


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by Sherry Piatti

Have you ever been so excited about something that you enthusiastically relayed the information in detail only to have your listeners throw you a blank stare? You quickly realize they either are not listening, they don’t care, or they are not on board for whatever reason.  So why worry about how to be your best?

This is why!  Even if you give the best presentation you possibly can you may not receive immediate feedback. It could be days, weeks or even months before people respond. Unfortunately many business people give up by the time their efforts come to fruition.

Take the time to analyze the feedback delays by asking several questions.  How can I get people to respond sooner? What would encourage quality feedback. Why did my suggestions click for some but not for others?

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Perhaps your audience was either distracted, or your advice did not convince them that it would solve their immediate concerns.  For some, your information might have been at the right time, but participants were too busy to follow through.

Others simply might not have been ready for what you are selling.  Thus the importance on how to be your best in creating a memorable approach.

Despite how beneficial a topic may be, some individuals will need to absorb the information on their time frame.  So to increase your chance of being in sync with more audience members and encourage recollection, present your material in a style that is uniquely your own. Make your style fun, engaging and consistent.

One example of a style that is fun, engaging and consistent is that of Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. Cesar is consistent with his motto, which is  “I rehabilitate dogs, I train people.” He also stresses, “Exercise, discipline, then affection.”

Cesar engages both his audience and their pets with his hands-on training.  He makes the process of rehabilitating dogs both fun and effective by being forthright and constructive with the pets’ owners.

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So to recap on how to be your best take a moment to create a unique style that is fun, engaging and consistent. For instant recognition, present these characteristics in a style uniquely your own. Having a definitive style gives you an advantage over your competition from day one.

A well planned style shows your commitment and desire to be your best, which will make you memorable. For example, if you sell makeup, perhaps a fun & engaging approach might be to hold extreme makeovers, or dressing room events where clients gather for walk-in facials on their way to social functions.  Will you be in a mud-mask and hair towel?  Or, perhaps the Cleopatra look is more your style.  Better yet create your very own character.

Develop a brutally honest tag-line or acronym that gives your audience something to think about or that grows on them. Use your tag-line constantly.  It takes repetition to drive your point home.

To become consistently effective, fine tune your product, service and approach.  This means listening to every hint of feedback! You will learn more about this in Solution 9: Fun and Engaging New Techniques, which is coming soon!

The 20 solutions on How to Be the Best, are simple, effective and essential to ensuring follow-through to the accomplishment of your goals.   They will guide you on how to be your best even when feeling your worst.

How to Be Your Best, Solution 1 of How to Be The Best, and the solutions that follow are not only to help you become a lawn care specialist, but rather the best lawn care specialist.  It’s not about becoming a salesperson, but rather the most influential salesperson in the country!

So give serious thought to each of these solutions, as they have stemmed from over 25 years research condensed to the most effective strategies for goal achievement.

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