How to Be The Best: Introduction

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How to Be The Best!

by Sherry Piatti

Did you know that success is a mathematical certainty?  That’s right, just as following a tasty recipe guarantees tasty results, so too does following a proper diet and exercise program produces dramatic weight loss.   So it should be easy then to Be the Best, right?

If success is that simple, why then are we riddled with uncertainty, despair, and mounting failures?  Answer: Because we do not follow a recipe or plan of any kind.  We listen to inaccurate advice or set unrealistic goals by piling on too many projects.  Some of us much prefer to ad-lib rather than follow instructions.  We assume we won’t be the best, so why even bother trying?

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We create our cake of life by throwing in a pinch of disorganization, a dollop of unrealistic expectations, and a mound of negative feedback.  How else are we going to be able to come up with excuses for our failures?

Each time we overload, second guess, or fail to visualize our success, we are in essence deviating from the mathematical equation that guarantees results.

Like it or not we often proceed with reckless abandon simply because of our very own self-defeating thoughts. Thoughts have energy, and energy attracts more energy. We attract the same kind of energy we send out.   Negative energy flowing out draws negative energy back to us.

Likewise sending out positive energy brings positive energy back.  Since everything has energy, it’s important that your thoughts are in-line with what you want, not what you do not want.  This is discussed further in CMD posts titled, Negative Feedback.

So what does energy and thoughts have to do with How to Be the Best?  By going through the following 20 solutions you will find most reasons for failure are caused by negative feedback, inferiority, self-doubt and lack of confidence.  Pile on self-defeating behaviors and it’s a wonder we get out of bed much less Be the Best at anything.

Thoughts, like plans are guaranteed.  Think you won’t succeed? You will be correct.  Think you will succeed and again you will be correct. Think you can’t Be the Best?  Think you can Be the Best?  Either way you will be right.

By now you may have noticed the neutrality in the above statements. The statements do not take into considerations any specifics about your present situation, your family background, or even your education. That’s because mathematical equations (recipes, blueprints, or plans) work the same for everyone, no matter who they are or what their background.

Therefore in an effort to address the self-defeating behaviors that thwart success, I organized the most helpful solutions into this simple guide on How to Be the Best no matter what your present circumstance.  Many of the techniques are super-simplistic, but very effective when you are at your worst.  They will keep you going no matter what the situation.  Refer to the following solutions daily to help You Be the Best!

Personal Note

The purpose of this guide is to serve as a constant reminder how to live life simply and successfully.  With an abundance of bad news and negativity circulating the atmosphere it is almost impossible not to get caught up in all the drama.  And when that happens it is only a matter of time before one’s hopes and esteem become crushed!

Discouragement, unrealistic expectations or self-disrespect rear it’s ugly head when we listen to negativity – particularly our own which is the most damaging of all!  The truth is we make our lives as simple or as complex as we prefer.

The most important point I want to make is to build yourself a stable foundation. Learn the important aspects of your career or company, then make your decisions based on your knowledge and your instincts. Do not second guess your decisions. Avoid all negativity and confusion, which often comes from too much information.  And most of all, keep a positive outlook on everything you think, say, or do.  Life is what you think of it.  Relentlessly guard your thoughts and feelings and reject all that is non-beneficial for the attainment of your goals.

By the time you finish reading the following 20+ solutions, you will realize the majority of information coming at us is of no benefit to our goals.  The doom and gloom predictions, and stories of pessimism do us no good.  We were meant to live happy, healthy, and peaceful lives. We are all given special talents and abilities that will allow us to be the best! If we continue to follow negative beliefs or chaotic ways then we will never realize our true potential and purpose.

I urge you to read through the following solutions. And when you are feeling discouraged, confused or extremely unmotivated, check back daily for the solution that works best for you that day.

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© Anatoly Tiplyashin |

There will always be several solutions that will be greatly beneficial for you at any given time in your life. However discouraged you may be, or whatever you have experienced has no relevance on the amount of greatness you can achieve today!

The past is over, and soon this present moment will be your new past.   Approach each present moment with extreme pride knowing what you are doing and thinking right now is building your past, a past you can be be extremely proud!

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