How to Be the Best: Final Note on 20 Simple Solutions

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How to Be the Best: Final Note on 20 Simple Solutions to Help You Be the Best. For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


How to Be the Best: Final Note

By Sherry Piatti

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Bottom line if you want to be the best remember to be GREAT to yourself. You are the most valuable person in your present, future and past.  Have fun with daily tasks and disregard negative thoughts or outside contributions unless they prove to be valuable towards helping you be the best.

If your thoughts or outside contributions offer no value or side-track your efforts, then disregard them immediately. It won’t be that you are disregarding what others think, but instead you will simply be shifting yourself into neutral. Get back on track and keep on keeping on and you will most definitely be the best!

If you notice something that you want is missing, then it will stay missing. It is extremely important to visualize, act and feel as though you already have the things you want. This feeling of already having what you want will in effect neutralize your urge to control situations, thus allowing you to attract more of the things you do want.  To assist in increasing the feeling of already having the things you desire, smile and say, as an example, “Thank you for the money that is pouring into my life right now.”

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To jump start your desired reality, write an essay of how you would talk and what you would be doing if you had the things, career, or relationships you want. Get used to the feeling of thinking, talking and acting as if you had the things you want. Have fun with your essay and read it often. When writing your essay make certain you do not settle for anything that does not help you to be the best

By enhancing your thoughts and feelings towards greatness, you can be and do what you want to be and do. There are no limits to your possibilities. Be Empowered. Be Thankful. Be the Best.

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 These 20 solutions are small steps no How to Be the Best! 

For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.

Thank you for taking the time to read “How to Be the Best.”

I truly hope you utilize the suggestions to greatly enrich your life.

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