Solution 8: Grandiose or 100%?

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Grandiose or 100%? Solution 8 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see>>>> Table of Contents.



8. Grandiose or 100%?

by Sherry Piatti

If anyone mocks your ideas as being grandiose or unrealistic, remember the negative feedback rule from Solution 4: Control Negative Feedback. Ask yourself if their criticism is constructive or destructive.  Will their feedback move you closer to your goal, or will it throw you off track?  If you are truly on board with the goal you are pursuing, then only you can answer the question as to whether you are being grandiose or 100% in your efforts towards achieving your goal.

When naysayers surface remember the famous saying, “To belittle is to be little”.  The mere activity of belittling ourselves is often why we do not pursue achievable lofty goals. Check all negative nagging feedback at the door, then gently add positive messages such as, “Just suppose something grand happens.” Or “What if I prove you wrong?”

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If on the other hand your actions do not match your words then you truly are grandiose. But if you back up your aspirations with 100% perspiration, then you are ahead of your competition.  Your 100% efforts will effectively remove yourself from your competition.  To quote Thomas Edison, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Which one are you, grandiose or 100%?

The one who worries that doing things differently would make them appear eccentric or psychotic is, in reality lowering their standards making them nothing more than average.  Give 100% to the achievement of your goals and you will rise quickly above your competition.

It’s safe to say that God wants you to be your best. So don’t just be a welder, be “The Best Welder in your Company”, or “The Best Pipe Welder in the World”.  Don’t settle for waiting tables, be “The Best known Celebrity Waiter/Waitress in the World”. Food-TV made it happen with chefs and non-chefs alike, so it could conceivably branch out to other positions as well. See Solution 7: Bold Motivation to get started on the goal of your dreams. Solution 7 will also give you perspective on which of your goals are Grandiose or 100% worthy.

The more specific or unique your personal bold motivation goal statement is, the better able you will be to defend your grandiose or 100% answer! And, the stronger you will be at withstanding criticism.  Examples of specific products that have successfully sold in the millions despite the naysayers include: a unique baby nook that balls up when it’s dropped; a roll away alarm clock that rolls away if you don’t get up quick enough to shut it off; inspirational slogan-based t-shirts; a specialized beer tap to speed-pour; and, a concept store for kids’ hair cuts. These are high sales items that have not yet made “The Best in the World” status, but they certainly have attained Nationwide notoriety.

Solution 8: Grandiose or 100% is brief, but of great importance, it gives the polishing touch to Solutions 3 – 7.  Practice these solutions daily and you will be unstoppable, especially from your biggest critic, YOU!

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