Give Your Ideas LIFE!
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© Yanik Chauvin |

© Yanik Chauvin |

Give Your Ideas LIFE!

by Sherry Piatti

Do you find yourself coming up with great ideas, but lack the ability to put them into action? Here’s an easy system that will save time and help bring your most productive ideas to life.  So grab a paper and pen and give your ideas Life today!

1.) Write ideas on paperIf ideas come to you sporadically, then keep a memo pad with you at all times. You may find it easier to have a brainstorming session and write your ideas all at once. I call this the INCEPTION phase.

2.) Choose three of the most promising ideas. These are the ideas you’ll concentrate on and let the rest go, for now. Do not try to work on too many projects simultaneously that you don’t do any of them justice. When choosing the most promising ideas, use your best judgement. Some ideas may turn out to be a flop and some might be the break you were looking for. Do not judge at this point, simplify finish this exercise so you can give your ideas Life!  I call this the BIRTH phase.

3.) Start a file folder for each idea you choose. The ideas are now PROJECTS, so give them a project NAME and type it on the folder’s tab. This gives legitimacy and seriousness to your projects. I call this the NAME phase. Next, place a one-page OUTLINE of the plan for the project and attach it to the left-hand side of the file folder. The one-page outline should include;

  1. Project Name
  2. Target Start Date
  3. Target Completion date
  4. Name of Persons Involved
  5. Brief Project Description and Purpose
  6. Outline of Plan

Sample Give Your Ideas Life Project Outline!


I. Research cost and saleability.

II. Test market for saleability through various advertising mediums.

III. Advertise to a specific target market, etc.

At the bottom of the page write: GOAL OF PROJECT, then write the goal.

See Sample Project at right      >>>>

To Download the Original PDF Project Outline Form, Click HERE

To Download an Original PDF Project Outline form for File Cover, Click HERE

4.) Research project and put notes and clippings in folder. Use what you have learned to make informative decisions about your project. You may even want to clip notes into an online database such as  Keep going, you have come a long way to not give your ideas Life! I call this the EDUCATION phase.

5.) Put your project to work for you. You should have enough information now to GO FOR IT! Do not try to be a perfectionist at the start. That’s a good way to never get started.

6.) It’s a success or it’s a failure. Either way, you won’t know until you give your ideas Life in the first place.  If it’s a success, congratulations you did it on the first try. If it’s not a success, don’t call it a failure just yet. It probably just needs some tweaking as it could be a success in the making. I call this the WORK phase.

7.) Don’t stop there. There’s more promising ideas where that came from. Some ideas need time to catch on with others.  In the meantime, work on the two remaining projects you have selected and give your ideas Life!  Out of your most promising ideas there has to be a winner! I call this the RETIREMENT phase.

 Start today and Give Your Ideas LIFE!


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