Solution 6: Genuine Indifference

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Genuine Indifference.  Solution 6 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see>>>>Table of Contents.


6. Genuine Indifference

by Sherry Piatti

Just as effortless as it is to worry, positive thoughts must also be made without strain if they are to be effective.  Goals should not be a struggle to visualize nor should they cause stress with the mere thought of them. An attitude of genuine indifference towards your goal will remove the urge to manipulate situations. In short, genuine indifference will help you get out of your own way!

Rather than approaching your goal like a Bull in a China shop, affirm your goals with adoration so they are non-intimidating or tension creating. One of the most important solutions towards achieving a goal is to consistently approach it with care and gentleness until you feel genuine indifference to its outcome.  When you reach the state of genuine indifference that is when you are truly on track towards achieving that goal.

If you cannot find it in yourself to feel excitement and love towards your goal, then it is not the right goal for you at this time. Once you establish a goal that excites you, the next step is to approach with gradualness until you feel genuine indifference towards the goal.

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You will know when you are feeling indifferent because fear, worry, stress or the urge to manipulate the situation will no longer be present.  Being genuinely indifferent to the outcome of your goal in essence removes all subconsciously set limits on what you can achieve and on the time it takes to achieve it!

In other words, being genuinely indifferent increases your receptivity to all things beyond your imagination and in a time sooner than you imagined! Genuine indifference is when the goal setter can relax and let life unfold into a beautifully orchestrated event.

For example, beginning weight trainers start with less weight resistance.  Then as their muscles strengthen they gradually increase the resistance.  Trainers cycle through the gradual lift, build, strengthen process until they reach their desired level of achievement.  They do not question if their efforts will work, nor do they emotionally force their muscles to grow.  They know that mental, physical and emotional gradualness will increase their receptivity to all they are wanting and more!

If you take just one concept from Solution 5:  Approach with Gradualness, and Solution 6: Genuine Indifference, let it be that Gradualness means Achievable, and Genuine Indifference means Achievable more quickly!

An achievable goal is a stickable and believable goal.  Any goal approached with gradualness will increase its odds of achievement every time!  Test your present endeavors for sustainability.  If tasks are not consistently completed, remember to approach with gradualness and genuine indifference.

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The main reason goals are abandoned is that they often feel overwhelming, which is a form of negative feedback.  For more information on Identifying Negative Feedback see Solution 3:  Identify Negative Feedback.  

Forcing lofty unachievable goals invites massive frustration.  Occasional frustration is normal, but massive frustration is an indication that you should ask for help or reduce your obligations into smaller more measurable tasks.

Frustration can also be an indication that the goal you are striving for is not a perfect match to what you truly want.  Striving for goals we want is invigorating, while striving for goals we do not care about is physically and emotionally exhausting!

If you feel overwhelmed, re-evaluate the direction you chose.  Take time to soul-search, then have a heart-to-heart conversation with loved ones to gain understanding and moral support.

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Always remember that any goal approached with gradualness is achievable.  But any goal approached beyond gradualness to genuine indifference is achievable more quickly!

PRACTICE EXERCISE: Continue practicing the exercises at the end of Solution 5:  Approach with Gradualness until you feel genuine indifference towards the outcome of your goals.  It is then that you will begin receiving beyond your imagination!

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