Solution 9: Fun and Engaging New Techniques

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Fun and Engaging New Techniques.  Solution 9 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>>> Table of Contents.



9. Fun and Engaging New Techniques

by Sherry Piatti

To run your sales team or multi-level marketing company in a unique and noteworthy way begin by defining problems within your current industry. The first step in defining problems is to conduct your own investigation by going straight to your customers and potential customers. Know what questions to ask! Look for fun and engaging new techniques by being original and creative.

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Begin by asking what frustrates them about your industry? What  additional service or product would they like to see offered by your company? What should your company do to make their shopping experience more convenient? How could you build their trust towards your company? What aspect of your customer service needs improving, and how?

Next pool your findings and organize the information into a fun and engaging new technique such as an outline or category, types, genres, drawers or letters. Come up with your own theory or formula to make correcting the problem fun or easier to carry out. One example of a formula would be by using acronym of letters that lay out the rules or system to follow.

When creating fun and engaging new techniques or systems, organize fun ways to execute it such as with charts, plans, graphs, photos, events, games (mental or physical), schedules, tricks, tips, groups, support, forms, or procedures. Most importantly create it for your customers, and about your customers.


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