Solution 7: Bold Motivation!

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Bold Motivation.  Solution 7 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


7. Bold Motivation!

by Sherry Piatti

world_newOnce you get a handle on the majority of your negative feedback, explained in Solution 4: Control Negative Feedback,  and are able to approach your goals with gradualness and genuine indifference, as explained in Solution 5: Approach with Gradualness, and Solution 6: Genuine Indifference, the next step upward is to write your goal statement in an attitude of bold motivation, such as; “I am the best lawn care specialist in the World,” or “I have the most respected maid service in the Nation.”

To say “I am the best  ___,” in today’s terms does not mean most talented or most educated.  To quote Thomas Edison, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” —  

Being the best could mean most successful in your given field, or most well-known such as, The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan.  Cesar successfully created a unique system not only for training dogs but for consistently and effectively presenting the information to dog owners.  His motto is, “I rehabilitate dogs, I train people.”  He approached his trade with bold motivation.

We do not know if Cesar is the best dog trainer in the world. But we know Cesar is an innovative dog rehabilitator and the best known dog trainer in the World. He got there not only by bold motivation and being good at what he does, but also by delivering his service in a unique, consistent, and at times amusing way. For suggestions on creating your own unique style see Solution 1: How to Be Your Best!

We can’t all be doctors, lawyers, teachers, or heads of state, but we can be the best in our area of industry if we carry out our duties based on our personal strengths, unique style and bold motivation.  Too many folks live their life through the eyes of others.  The harder they try to please others the more they frustrate themselves.  Make a bold motivation commitment to achieve excellence using your own beliefs and style.

For example; Cesar Milan’s unique style is threefold: 1. He brought the psychology of dog rehabilitation to the forefront. 2. He consistently brands his services with the bold motivation statement, “I rehabilitate dogs, I train people,” and 3. He makes canine rehabilitation an art form.

To further Cesar Milan’s bold motivation statement he explains, “When I was 13 years old, I said ‘I want to be the best dog trainer in the world.’ By the time I was 14 and 15, the reruns of “Lassie” and “Rin Tin Tin” came to Mexico and that’s when I said ‘Oh wow, I have to go to America so I can learn how to make a dog talk,’ ” he said, with a chuckle.  “I didn’t know I was going to end up being ‘The Dog Whisperer.’ But one thing I did know was I wanted to be the best.”

So to say you are the best in the World at what you do is not a pompous statement. Coupling the word – World – with something typically looked upon as insignificant or lacking glamour shines a spotlight of importance on your product or service. Presenting your product or service to the World with an attitude of importance not only gives consumers’ perspective on your expertise, it also provides you with a reality check as well. No trade is too insignificant if presented in a unique, fun, engaging, and consistent way. Cesar Milan could probably make collecting dog poo an interesting art form.

Write your bold motivation goal statement and repeat it often, especially during down moments. Anyone in business knows these down moments happen more often than not. Stressors come on quickly and can linger for a very long time. So repeat your bold motivation statement as often as necessary, and repeat it with enthusiasm.


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Next, determine what motivates you. For example, I’m not a bestselling author, but rather someone who immerses herself in the minor aspects of life as if they were major. My work oftentimes leaves me feeling as though my efforts lead to zilch, nadda!  So I find statements such as, “The Best in the World,” or “The Greatest there is,” to be highly motivational. These bold motivation statements permeate an air of importance and encourages the growth of our own unique strengths.

Write your bold motivation statement and remember that it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Nor does your goal statement have to be perfect, or even your very own. What do I mean? I mean, for now go ahead and use Cesar Milan’s statement . . . “to be the best dog trainer in the World.”   Use Cesar’s statement to inspire you on the importance of who you are, and to encourage you to make the best of what you do. Until you figure out your very own desire, repeat to yourself, “I am the best dog trainer in the World.”   Silly yes, but motivating too!

Landscapers, secretaries, custodians, delivery personnel, and nurses are highly significant as well. So why not add an element of glamour or sophistication to otherwise mundane hard labor services by striving to be the greatest, most well-known innovative creator of the best system and most significant change in your field.  Martha Stewart did just that, she elevated floral arranging and craft making to an experience in fine living on any budget.

We only have one chance at life in this World!  Create your bold motivation statement and live a life that will leave your mark.  So lets get started on your bold motivation statement:

© Patrimonio Designs Limited |

© Patrimonio Designs Limited |

First decide what motivates you?If you are not comfortable with the statement “Best in the World,” or “Greatest there is,” replace it with “Best in the country, state, city, club or company.”  Play with words to see which statement stirs up motivating emotions for you.

For example:

“The best  ______ in the ________. ”
“The fastest _______ in the ________.  ”
“The highest-paid ____ in the ______.  ”
“To bake the best ___ in the ______. ”
“Writer of the best ____ in the ______.”

To feel less intimidated, add the words “of our time.” However, keep in mind that intimidation is negative feedback which has no basis or relevance towards the attainment of your goals. If anyone mocks your ideas as being grandiose or unrealistic, remember the negative feedback rule stated in Solution 4:  Gain Control Over Negative Feedback!

If your bold motivation statement does not feel right to you, approach your goal with gradualness, but not too slowly that you come to a complete stop. Begin with the words “just suppose I’m the greatest _____ in the World. What could possibly happen?” Then follow-through with the visualization of your goal achieved and all being well. Add movement to your mental pictures to solidify the visualization and to make it easier to hold the vision in your mind.

If you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, but what will others think of my grandiose statements?” The answer my friend is in Solution 8: Grandiose? Or 100?


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