Solution 10: Be Empowered

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Be Empowered.  Solution 10 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>>> Table of Contents.


10. Be Empowered

by Sherry Piatti

© Timur Suleymanov |

© Timur Suleymanov |

When implementing changes in your company below are two important facts that will help you to be empowered throughout the process.

1) Create leverage by developing a new technique in your industry or field of expertise. Discover a new way to do things, a formula, or a new system such as the McDonald’s franchise. The McDonald’s franchise is controlled by rules so precise it’s practically a piece of software.  When you have a system in place that is efficient and productive, you will be empowered.

Techniques or systems are valued, not by its immediate income, but by the number of users, or parties interested in the use of it. The mere show of interest in your product, service or technique makes it valuable to your competition, which would be the best time to consider selling your invention or system.

2) When deciding which problem to solve first, be empowered to choose the harder more difficult one. If it’s hard for you to solve the problem, it’s even harder for the larger, more cumbersome and slower competitors to break ground. By the time they cut through all the red tape, and get through endless meetings, you will have filed for the patent. Your larger competitors may be interested in buying your system if it proves to be valuable.

So always choose the harder problem to solve as long as its solution is equally valuable in proportion to its difficulty. If it was hard for you to solve, it will be impossible for your  competitors. Be empowered to take control and move forward, quickly.

Never feel inadequate if you are with a small company, instead be empowered by focusing on the positives of your small business and take  advantage of every asset at your disposal.  Should you feel a twinge of negativity or doubt along the way, revisit Solution 4: Control Negative Feedback.

Solutions 11 – 14 are super simplistic yet powerful motivators for even the most mundane tasks. When feeling overwhelmed or if you just can’t get started, the next four solutions work wonders to get you moving now!

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These 20 + solutions are small steps towards helping you Be Empowered!

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