Solution 16: Act in Expectation, Not Contradiction!

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Act in Expectation, Not Contradiction! Solution 16 of How to Be The Best! For more information, see >>>> Table of Contents.


16. Act in Expectation, Not Contradiction

by Sherry Piatti

positive expectationsYour actions reaffirm what you have been telling yourself. So pay attention to your actions, or inaction to ensure you ARE acting in expectation of reaching your goals rather than acting in doubt of actually ever achieving what your desire.

If your desire is for a newly remodeled executive office, then mentally affirm your newly remodeled office by visualizing, with movement, the end result. Put motion into your mental pictures by feeling your new leather office chair, or walking over to your new corner office window. Then follow through your visions with physical action by shopping for your new office elements with enthusiasm and the expectation of getting it done precisely to the way you want. Act it out in your mind (as some would plot it out on paper), then act in expectation by physically following through with its guaranteed arrival.

It is neither here nor there to the Universe if you think big, or if you think small. Neither time, size, nor partiality exist in the Universe,  so you may as well think HUGE! Go ahead and dive in!  Think BIG rather than just dipping in your big toe.

The important point to remember is not to contradict your visions by reverting to your old way of thinking.  Firmly act in expectation of its attainment until the feeling comes second nature to you. Pay super close attention to your actions! Are your actions in-line with your desires?

Begin now to act in expectation and preparedness!

Act in preparation of your wealth.

Act in preparation of your health.

Act in preparation of your clean, new home.

Act in preparation of your clean financials.

Act in preparation of your organized home.

Act in preparation of your world travels.

Act in preparation of your free time to help others.

Act in preparation of your ability to donate generously.

Get rid of the false belief that there isn’t enough for everyone!  Size or time does not exist in the Universe and neither does quantity. There are no limits, restrictions or partisanship in the amount of good, or bad that can be bestowed on each and every one of us. Every thing is created out of nothing!

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So act in expectation and preparedness for the attainment of your goals.  Make a list of things you can do externally that would symbolize abundance of greatness internally. In other words, make your actions reinforce your thinking to deepen the groove of certainty in your mind that the  achievement of your desires are assured.


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Role play yourself actively filling your shopping cart with an abundance of wealth, great health, love, peace, and good will. Or, you could write a to-do list that would be what your to-do list would look like if your goals were reached. Most importantly make sure these actions are fun!


If your desire is to break free from a bad relationship, then mentally affirm being in the type of relationship you want while completely breaking off physical contact with the relationship you don’t want. I’m not saying to cease ever speaking to the ex-relationship again, but rather wish them well, and deeply hope the best for them, then move on completely in body, mind and soul. Otherwise you will be confusing your intentions and blocking the arrival of what you truly want. Make the break and follow through! When you act in expectation by mentally and physically moving towards your goals, your emotions then your desired outcome will have no choice but to come through for you.

On the flip side if you continue to wallow in unpleasant situations, then more similar situations will undoubtedly follow! To keep getting what you’re getting, keep feeling how you’re feeling. Act in expectation by affirming mentally and physically all that you desire, and your desires will come to pass. ♥

It is extremely important to identify when you are contradicting your affirmations. Here are some examples of contradictions. If you affirm your desire for a certain vehicle but are not test driving it, getting the feel for how it handles, or are not making room for it in your garage, then you are contradicting your wishes. Another example of acting in contraction is when you affirm visually or mentally as having something, but remain fearful of it, you again  will be contradicting your wishes by allowing your fear to stop your desires. Fear is one of the main reasons people fail. And, since there are so many things to fear, we will discuss handling fear in Solution 17: What Your Fears are Telling You. 

A less obvious but very real contradiction is believing that it will take a lot of time, or a lot of work to achieve your desired outcome! It only takes as much time, effort, luck and pluck as you put upon yourself. The harder you think it’s going to be, the harder it most certainly will be, and the more struggles will surface for you. The longer you think it’s going to take, the longer it most certainly will take.

The more time you take to make a change, the greater the chance that things will not change at  all. The Universe loves speed and acts on a moments notice, as if events happen in parallel. Time and size do not exist in the Universe, they are both endless and immeasurable. What are whole season to the Universe are moments to us.


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This is why it’s also Extremely important to pay close attention to your intuition. Act on your inner guide the moment it speaks to you, provided you are emotionally healthy, for your guide is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Obviously if your instincts are to do harm to yourself or others, then you need to seek immediate assistance and shift your thoughts to anything that provides you one shred of hope. To know what you’re thinking, take notice of how you are feeling. Your dominant thoughts WILL make it happen.

If the majority of your thoughts and actions are of a positive nature, you can trust to take immediate action whenever your inner guide speaks to you. Do not delay or second guess your decisions. The Universe is waiting on you, so save the wishy-washy, dillydallying for long walks or hot baths. Focus, focus, focus on your desired outcome, act in expectation and leave the details for the Universe to provide.

walking on the beachGuard your 40-hour focus. Feel your goals as already having them or knowing that they ARE on their way. Do what you have to do now to generate feelings of having what you want now. Make lists of what you need to do now that your goals have been achieved. Visually move around in your high tech executive office, cook in your new kitchen, park your new car in your showcase garage, or look out your window to a view of the ocean! Act in expectation as if you have always had the things you want.

It’s not a matter of you waiting on the Universe, the Universe is waiting on you to provide it with clear instructions of what you DO want.  So think on, and map out what you want, then mentally declare, “I know that I know that I know it’s on its way.”

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Act in Expectation, Not Contradiction!

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