Solution 2: The 100% Guarantee

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The 100% Guarantee.  Solution 2 of How to be the Best!   For more information see >>>> Table of Contents.



2. The 100% Guarantee

by Sherry Piatti

Upon reviewing goals achieved in my lifetime, I noted three commonalities.  The characteristics found in each achievement were as follows:

  1. Strong determination towards each goal and inline with personal deep-seated beliefs.
  2. Gave 100% and focused solely on goal achievement.
  3. Took massive focused action so quickly that I didn’t have time to doubt or quit.

These three characteristics certainly offer the 100% Guarantee!

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Now lets look at each goal pursuing characteristic in detail.

1. Pursue goals according to personal beliefs.

All the emphasis in the world cannot stress the importance of believing in your goal.  This means it shouldn’t be a goal set by your father, mother, boss, friend, business partner, or even your spouse or significant other.  Your goal must be of your desire and it must feel right for you.  This is the first step towards achieving the 100% Guarantee.

You will know when you are locked on to your personal desires rather than the desires of others because you will feel compelled to take massive action towards achieving your goal. You will also find your goal will be an easy topic to discuss or bring up in conversation.

Avoid incorporating the goals of others into your dreams by resisting the urge to paste images of flashy sports cars on your vision board if you have no desire to own a sports car.  It is a fact people will collect images of things they think they should pursue based on OPD (other peoples’ desires).

For example, if you are in business with a partner, pay particular attention to how you feel about the direction of the company.  The stronger you feel the greater your chances of success and vice versa.  Put yourself on the strongest path and the 100% Guarantee will show up to work for you.

Take a moment to decide what it is you truly want.  Feel so strongly about your goal that you are willing to defend your position when others question your motives. Unless it is something that could cause harm to yourself or others, be unwilling to back down from your goal’s achievement.

Your goal may not be of material value, which is perfectly fine. For example my husband wanted an F250 pickup truck. He wanted the vehicle to have specific options, and he did not want to order a brand new pickup.  After months of vehicle shopping my husband’s goal of buying a newer-used truck became my goal as well, but not for the same reasons.  He wanted the pickup for obvious reasons, while I wanted to make the purchase for the purpose of putting an end to vehicle shopping. It was at that moment that I got serious about buying the truck.  I went after the goal with the use of my A.D.R. method for goal achievement.  A.D.R. characteristics are described above, while the A.D.R. method is explained below.

Once you determine what it is you truly want then write down your goal using my A.D.R. method for goal achievement.   Examples and an explanation of my A.D.R. system are explained below. Or if you prefer a detailed approach then use the popular S.M.A.R.T method which is also outlined below, including a downloadable PDF form for you to complete.  Either option will assist those who are serious about achieving the 100% Guarantee!

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2.  Strive to give 100% towards your goals.

Most people you are in competition with are not going to give 100 percent.  Reason being many have the same unrelenting negative feedback, emotional sabotage, and failure to plan.

So what do I mean by give 100 percent?  When you think of it, 100 percent should be comfort level.  Like water that seeks its own level, each individual’s 100% should be the amount of effort that feels right for them.

Therefore, the 100% level I’m referring to is a level that can be maintained and sustained on a daily basis.  Anyone can have bursts of energy, but can their focus and drive be sustained for a specified length of time?  If the goal was set using the S.M.A.R.T method (below), then achieving 100% daily should become routine.

For example, if you discipline yourself to write one page today, but then write five you will have already won.  Adversely, if you say you are going to run four miles, but only run two you will already have been be defeated.

Give yourself the edge and the ability to consistently give 100% by setting S.M.A.R.T goals.  Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely. You can either jot your S.M.A.R.T goal on paper, or download the PDF SMART GOAL TEMPLATE.

If you prefer a more sophisticated yet simple to use software for setting and tracking goals online see  Goals on Track.  The Goals on Track main dashboard shows only what you’ve got to do for the day, no more, no less. As you check them off your list, you will see real time progress reflected on your goals.  Anything that is not moving you closer to your goals will come to light with Goals on Track.  Imagine how focused you will be using this fun and motivating tool.

Goals on Track Dashboard. For More Information Click on Image Above.

Click Here! to get Goals on Track software and give yourself the 100% Guarantee!

3.  Take action quickly.

The third and most important characteristic for goal achievement is that I took action so quickly that I did not have time to second guess my decision. Whether you make your decision quickly or slowly is anyone’s guess if the final decision was the correct choice.  Get all the facts about your goal up front so you can make an educated decision and forge ahead confidently.

As you go along on the path towards your goal, further facts may come to light. Quickly scrutinize the new information then move forward.  One does not have to abandon ship if compelling details come to light that are contrary to your beliefs.  Scrutinize the latest information before integrating it into your revised plan.  Feel free to grow and change along the journey.

If the new data is simply a distraction, one can easily begin second-guessing their decisions.  This self-doubt invites negative feedback into the subconscious. Negative feedback, no matter the source will over time have a corroding effect on ones self-worth and confidence.  More will be discussed on the topic of negative feedback in solutions #3 and #4.

So get as much information as you possibly can upfront, then make a decision and act quickly. Stamp the deadline for goal achievement as URGENT! This is the third step towards the 100% guarantee!


Would you like to make a game out of taking action quickly?  Consider the Action Machine 3 software to keep yourself timed and on track!  The Action Machine 3 is a 3-Step Timeboxing System, outlined below:

  1. Write down all the things you want to get done for the day: Everything from writing, creating content, or planning your next project to answering your email and balancing your checkbook.
  2. Assign a specific time to each task: Anything from 15 minutes to 4 hours.
  3. Select a task, start a timer (like an egg time), and focus on nothing but accomplishing that task: This means you don’t answer the phone, you don’t get up for a drink, you don’t log onto Facebook – none of that. You remain focused on the task-at-hand!
 Comes with a Simple, Fun to Use Interface.  See Below:

The Action Machine 3

To get the Action Machine 3 software, Click Here!   Get the 100% guarantee!

How the A.D.R. Method for Goal Achievement was Formulated

A.D.R. is an acronym for Affirm • Declare • Radical

After noticing my goal achieving pattern, listed above, I decided to create an easy to remember system for setting my future goals.  Thus began the A.D.R. method for goal achievement. A.D.R. stands for Affirm • Declare • Radical; explanation to follow.  There are also several goal achieved examples using the A.D.R. method listed below.

To get started, choose a goal you feel so strongly about that it will be virtually impossible for others to talk you out of it.  If you are strong in defending your decision, then it is the right goal for you.  This goes without saying, but please avoid anything that will cause physical harm to yourself or others!

So let’s get started on your goals!

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Once you have chosen a goal that you believe in wholeheartedly, the next step is to write a simple one-sentence affirmation of what you intend to achieve. This step is called Affirm.

Keep the affirmation blunt and to the point if that is your style.  If you feel better with an eloquent statement, then write it eloquently.

Next, write a declaration of the least you will accept in achieving the goal.   By stating the least you are willing to accept sends two messages to your subconscious: 1.  That you are serious about your goal so much that you have taken the time to list and define the results, or characteristics of the result. And, 2.  By stating the least you will settle for reduces the pressure and the tendency towards perfectionism and opens the way for greater achievement.  This is considered as a “this or something better” approach.

The declaration of the least you will accept should be something you know exists for you. Therefore it must be realistic and achievable.  Then follow up your declaration with “this or something better.” This step is called Declare.

Lastly outline the quick and radical action you will take towards the achievement of your goal. Include the time frame you intend to complete it.  When I say radical, I do not mean spastic or out there, but radical as in massive focused action

Always set a time-frame for achieving your goal.  Assign the completion of your goal with an urgent deadline, but keep it reasonable. More on that in Solution 13:  Treat your project like a house flip. Coming soon! This third and final step is called Radical.  

These three simple steps will put you on the fast track towards the 100% Guarantee!

As promised below are a few examples of goals achieved using the A.D.R. method for goal achievement.

Samples of the A.D.R. Method for Goal Achievement!

A.D.R. stands for Affirm. Declare. Radical.

By Sherry Piatti

Goal #1:   Marriage

Affirm      1.  “I Cheryl have . . . . . . . . . , we are extremely compatible.” 

Declare    2. “I’m going to have fun every weekend for the rest of my life!” Up until this point in my life, I had worked most every weekend for as long as I could remember.  So this type of declaration reminded me to relax, have fun and accept whatever happens.  I was 23 years old when I made this declaration.  The declaration was broad and general while the affirmation included the major details only, leaving room for a “this or something better” approach.

Radical    3. I kept my full-time job, but immediately quit my weekend job and went out with friends.  I had radically changed my scenery and routine.  I also radically changed my attitude by letting go and accepting the possibility that I might never get married.   The idea of accepting that I might never get married might sound negative, but instead it reinforced my affirmation.

Outcome:  One week from the day I created the declaration, I met my husband. We were engaged a year later, and married the following year  We recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We are presently going through the same challenges as most of our country, but our compatibility reduces stress as we continue to work as a team.

Goal #2: F350 Diesel Truck

Affirm     1.  “I’m going to buy a truck this weekend!” (a blunt yet to the point affirmation)

Declare   2. “The truck will have these options or something better.”  I wrote a list of the least we would settle for in a pickup truck without having to buy brand new.  Example:  2-wheel drive – NOT 4-wheel, newer vehicle, low miles, super-cab or larger, F250 or larger, eight ft box, air conditioning, automatic, and it must have a diesel engine.  A newer-used low miles 2-Wheel drive diesel Ford F250 with an 8 ft box was non-existent in northern Wisconsin.

Radical    3.  Friday evening and all day Saturday I called and emailed over 40 dealers throughout the Country.  The more specific we were in our goal, the further from home we had to expand our search.

Outcome:  By noon on Saturday I had a verbal deal settled with a dealer in Texas (we live in Wisconsin).  While the dealer FexEx’d the contract, I ran a Carfax and called the truck’s previous owner.  I then secured the Money Order.

Out of all 40 dealers we contacted, only ONE dealership matched what we needed.   The deal was better than we expected in that it was a F350 rather than F250 and the price was right!  The money we saved afforded us the option to hire a friend to fly to Dallas and drive the vehicle back, including food and hotel.  After all expenses, we came out money ahead.  We were that Texas dealer’s furthest distance client ever!

My husband has since enhanced it’s power, driveability and mileage.  Ten years later, we still own the one-ton.

Goal #3: Job at the County

Affirm     1.  “I’m going to get a different job!” (basic affirmation, but effective)

Declare   2. “Either at the County, WPS, or the College.”  (stating the least I would settle for)

Radical   3. I pulled a list of jobs available at the above three place.  I then tailored and polished my resume, which included quality references, and I wrote cover letters specific to each job description.   I then followed through with required testing, interviews, and “Thank You for the opportunity to interview” letters.

To relieve anxiety while waiting for answers, I focused on the statement, “the right thing will  happen.”  This affirmation helped me relax and reminded me to have the “this or something better” attitude.

Outcome:  Within a few short weeks from the time I began the search, I secured the ideal job for me.  The hours were part-time which was perfect since I already had two jobs and only wanted to replace the part-time position. The new part-time position gave me the opportunity to meet some outstanding people, which was MORE than I expected!

All three goals were achieved using the A.D.R. method for goal achievement which gave me the 100% guarantee!

© Invictus999 |

© Invictus999 |

When implementing the A.D.R. method for goal achievement, make sure you affirm only that which you truly want.   Which goal do you feel so strongly about that you will not back down?  If the answer is none, then I suggest tweaking your goals or scrapping them altogether for goals that feel right for you.

Next, declare the least for which you will settle for in achieving your goal, and lastly, make your action radical, not spastic or out there, but radical as in massive focused action.  If you really want this goal, you will not mind doing the work to make it happen.

Combining the A.D.R. method while keeping in mind the S.M.A.R.T method makes it easier to consistently achieve the 100% guarantee.

up next >>>> Solution 3:  Identify Negative Feedback!

 These 20 + solutions are small steps

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