Crime Prevention Tips

During the month of September, 1994 there were 79 burglaries, thefts and vandalisms in rural Brown County alone.  Twenty-nine of the crimes were committed on business property, construction sites, and even a baseball field. Many items stolen were cash, or anything that can be easily converted into cash, such as, guns and jewelry. Other items that are appealing to criminals are power tools, cd players and stereo equipment.

By guest speaking at the Bellevue East Town Optimist meeting, Captain Clyde Cribb, Administrative Captain of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, informed our group on what to do and not do to prevent any criminal activity. He stressed the three main things a criminal does not like…

1. Well-lighted area

2. Anything that makes noise

3. Anything that requires time, such as reinforced locks on doors.

Captain Cribb also provided a Crime Prevention Handbook, courtesy of the Brown County Sheriff’s department. The handbook provides excellent ideas on residence, business and personal security. A small sample of the information included in the handbook is…

  • A spring-latch lock without “DEADBOLT” offers no security on an entrance door. Lock with “DEADBOLT LATCH” offers some security, but not equal to one with separate deadlock.
  • A Flush Bolt Lock on an inactive french or double door will provide additional protection against forced entry.
  • For best protection, a Flush Bolt Lock should be installed at both the top and bottom of the inactive door.
  • Supplemental locks should also be installed in the top and bottom of sliding doors and windows.
  • Casement or crank windows are easy to secure. With the latch in the closed position, drill a small hole through the latch frame and the latch handle. A metal pin inserted now locks the latch closed.
  • UPGRADE BOLTS AND SCREWS. Screws should be at least three inches long.
  • Reinforce door hinges, especially if you have the door hinges installed backwards, with the hinge pins on the outside. 

The handbook also offers helpful hints for the business person from protecting your store against shoplifters, to avoiding falling victim to the passage of bad checks. The Crime Prevention Handbook is available by calling the

Brown County Sheriff’s Department. You should also contact the Sheriff’s department if you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program. The neighborhood watch program can involve as few as five neighbors to as many as 100. Remember, patrol officers may not recognize a stranger in your yard. . . . but your neighbors would!

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