Real Estate

Timing is Everything in Home Sales

If there have been numerous home sales in your neighborhood in recent months, consider the positives. High sales in you area can mean a number of things. First, the more sales that occur in your immediate neighborhood, the more easily and accurately you can determine the price your home would sell for in today's market. Second, it also provides reassurance that the area you live in is a desirable area, thanks to neighbors like you. The downside to living in a high-turnover area is


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Does Your Home Pass the Sniff Test?

If you were to describe the aroma of your home, would it be one of potpourri, pine needles, or wet dog? Maybe the odor is that of cigar smoke, Garfield's litter box, the morning toast that got away from you, or last night's garlic fettuccine. Take notice of the kennel, the hamster cage, the fish tank, the birdcage, or the dehumidifier. What may not be noticeable to you is often noticeable to others. Since I'm in the business of presenting homes for sale, I see the importance of a clean, odor-free home. With the increase of non-smokers, cigarette smoke is a high odor offender. However, the highest odor offenders are


Real Estate Networking at Work

Whether you're a home buyer or seller, it's imperative that you have a basic understanding of how the network of real estate professionals operate. In a nutshell, any licensed real estate agent can show, and sell, any property on the market, even if the agent is from XYZ Realty and the home is listed with ABC Realty. The only exceptions of when an agent cannot show or sell a property is if it's an exclusive listing with a company other than the one the agent is employed, or if the home is For Sale By Owner. Even then, the agent can arrange with the For Sale By Owner to show and sell their home as well.


How to Hire a Realtor

Whether you're looking to build a new home, or buy an existing home, do not make the same mistake many homeowners, and potential home owners make; which is to ask irrelevant questions of a realtor before they hire them! Questions such as; "What is your view on the market condition?" Or, "How often do you hold Open Houses?" One reason for not asking such subjective questions is because most individuals often have different views about many things.



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