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Sign Strategies for the Distinguished Sign Buyer: Outperformance by Design™

It’s not just a sign . . . It’s an Investment! Signs are the most efficient, effective, and consistent revenue generating marketing device for small and medium size businesses. They are on the job for you 24/7. Signs also cost significantly less per thousand viewers than any other media. Period. But before you rush out and stick up a sign, consider these quick and easy sign strategies to help maximize your sign buying power.


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Most Effective Marketing: A Veteran’s View

Effective Marketing

When I wasn’t working on rebuilding our business, I took the time to calculate costs for each manner of client acquisition and then relate it to retained clients to determine a cost for each sale. From those numbers came clear principles of the most effective marketing that I practice to this day.


Reinforcing the Purchase Decision | Four Simple Tips

1.) Give the consumer more than he/she expected - do not let them know ahead of time or it won't be unexpected. © Redbaron | *** 2.) Provide belief-raising, doubt-reducing information. Assure them they have gotten quality items at a good price. *** 3.) Reinforce in your advertising-for those whom have already purchased from you will be listening. ***


Increase Sales with Newsletter Mailings

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Newsletters are wonderful tools for keeping in touch with your customers and potential customers. They allow you the opportunity to communicate the most information to the best possible market for your product and/or service. Even if it's to keep your customers from forgetting about you, it's a good idea to keep reminding them, and to let them know the new things you've added. It's also a good way to show off projects you've been working on. But most of all make it informational and focus on the things that are important to your readers. As an example,


Avoid Canned, Overused and Vague Ad Copy

When writing ad copy, focus on a single unique selling point or number-one user benefit. Something that makes you different from your competition. Relate that to the rest of the copy you want to feature. Eliminate dead weight or overused statements from your copy, such as: For all your . . . . needs. Quality . . . . supplies. All work done by skilled professionals. Professionally designed and supervised. The perfect gift for any occasion. Modernize to economize. You've got to see it to believe it.


Reach the Inattentive with your Advertising

Get your money's worth when running your advertisement by capturing everyone's attention. Below are a few suggestions to get a jump-start on your marketing efforts. 1. Frequency. Create your ad so that it is shorter, but ran more often. 2. Begin your ad/commercial with your pre-processed word and logo. They should appear at the same time and within the first 1-1/2 seconds into the commercial. What is a Pre-processed Word? Pre-processing is putting your logo with a word - the word being first (thus the term pre-process). Example:


Success Probability when Marketing to Businesses

Thinking about marketing your business, but not sure which means or marketing will give the best results for your line of business? Consider the chart below which outlines favorable marketing methods if you sell Products or Services to Businesses: **** Greatest Probability of Marketing Success ** Good Probability of Marketing Success * Medium Probability of Marketing Success


Success Probability when Marketing to Consumers

Thinking about marketing your business, but not sure which means or marketing will give the best results for your line of business? Consider the chart below which outlines favorable marketing methods if you sell Products or Services to Consumers: **** Greatest Probability of Marketing Success ** Good Probability of Marketing Success * Medium Probability of Marketing Success


Who are Your Gatekeepers?

As a business owner, manager or salesperson, you should constantly be on the lookout for "gatekeepers" to send business your way. What is a gatekeeper? A gatekeeper is a person who knows many other persons of whom they could refer to you for business or vice-versa. © Andrey Kiselev | Possible gatekeepers are


Tricks of the Trade Shows

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If it's true what experts say, that it takes an average individual three times exposure to a company to notice them and another seven times to buy, then it would appear that exposure is one of the most important elements to the success of a company. What better way to gain mass exposure than by setting up "shop" at trade shows where, in some areas as many as 60,000 buyers will view your company first-hand. True, trade shows and exhibitions require a considerable amount of preparation. In fact, preparation can take anywhere from several weeks to six months or more. But the reward your company will reap will be worth it.


12 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail!

With so many books, magazines and other sources available to help businesses succeed, I decided to elaborate on a list I came upon in the Jul/Aug. '93 edition of Personal Selling Power Magazine. 1. NOT MAKING ENOUGH CALLS » How much is enough calls? Take the time to document sales calls to establish the average amount of actual contacts, leads and leads to sales ratio that can be made in an hour. The numbers will either startle or inspire you. 2. NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH PROMISES » Or to be more specific, making promises that you couldn't keep in the first place. Honesty is the best policy. Though you may think you are the most honest person in the world, ask yourself, when was the last time you told a customer the delivery date set is not possible? Scary isn't it?


12 Must Rules for Effective Market Material

From the book entitled, "Getting Business to come to you," by Paul and Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas, I have found 12 basis rules for marketing material that will help you make each advertising piece effective and inexpensive. 1. Think in terms of a marketing campaign, not in single advertising pieces. Each item and technique you use is coordinated to complement and enhance the others. 2. Aim your message directly at the people who can benefit from your product or service and at those who are in a position to buy. Example: Direct mail should be sent directly to the name of the person in charge.


The 5 Biggest Wastes of Marketing Money $!

Marketing a business can be a painful expense, unless the following mistakes are avoided. Done properly, marketing can be turned from a painful expense to an expense that returns money tenfold and puts you in the top ten percent of all the marketers in the world. 1.) FAILING TO GIVE MARKETING EFFORTS A CHANGE TO TAKE HOLD AND SUCCEED. - Just because a marketing strategy isn't working - doesn't mean it's not good - it could mean it hasn't been given sufficient time to take hold and grow. Give each marketing campaign at least six months. This also doesn't mean you should stick with a bad campaign either.


Have A Speech, But Not An Audience

In the January - March issue of RJ's Exposition, we discussed the importance of the implementation of a publicity kit to secure an on - camera or radio interview as a a means of getting a topic across to the public while gaining inexpensive exposure for your company. One ingredient needed in the publicity kit is the proof of your experience and ability to speak in public. If you already have all the proof and experience you need, then super, you are way ahead in the game. However, whether you have a publicity kit, but do not have speaking experience, below are some helpful suggestions to help you gain the experience you need to impress upon the producers for that all important interview. If you also don't have a publicity kit, please refer to the January - March issue of RJ's Exposition or call Sherry at (920) 339 - 9305 for a back issue. TO LOCATE AN AUDIENCE CALL OR SEARCH THE FOLLOWING: *Encyclopedia of Associations *The Directory of The United States Trade Shows, Expositions, and Conventions


What’s your Secret to Success?

A recent survey showed there’s no single success secret. These are just a few ideas from businesses surveyed.

• Customer satisfaction (23%) This was the largest single category of responses. “Do unto customers as they would have it done unto them.”

• Word of mouth/referrals (17%) Respondents regard these important to their success. “Delivering the service and then going beyond expectations yields wonderful referrals.  This is the best and cheapest advertisement you can get.”

• Marketing planning and Knowledge (13%) Manufacturing people view knowledge and planning as key ways to gain new business and maintain relationships. “Knowing your customers and your market enables you to deliver the service they want and need.”

• Advertising and promotion (11%) Manufacturing and retail respondent value results provided through advertising and promotion in addition to customer satisfaction and planning.

What is your plan for business success?

Media Marketing for “MASS” Exposure

It's a fact, people will generally buy products and services of which they are most familiar. Therefore, marketing a product or service to achieve mass visibility is important to the success of a company. There are several ways to market a companies product or service such as; advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television, and trade publication, or point-of-sale displays, circulars, flyers, direct mail and yellow page ads. Unfortunately, they all cost money. Yet as the saying goes "you've got to spend money to make money." One aspect of Media Marketing, however, can be inexpensive, effective, and can achieve maximum publicity and exposure to enhance a companies visibility. That aspect of Media Marketing is the use of a publicity kit in arranging on camera interviews and comments. Simply follow these steps and you'll be the one the media turns to for features and interviews.



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