Success Secrets

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The secret to success is that there is no secret. Just honest, hard work and thorough knowledge of the product or service you are selling, be it teaching, counseling, selling computers, security alarms, gadgets, widgets or even pencils.

Having a thorough knowledge of the products or service you’re selling will not only increase sales, but also offers the flexibility to have fun in the process.

To add more direction to the honest, hard work and thorough knowledge part of success, one continues to read further on the subject of “Secrets to Success,” “Tips to Success.” and “Hints to Success,” hoping for more, possibly easier answers. Unfortunately, there are none.

However, it may help to take notes as you read true accounts of how others before you have gone on to conquer what you are aspiring to achieve. While taking these notes, notice the many ideas and comments your past achievers have in common with each other. Next, “take what you like and leave the rest,” provided you remain realistic. This is to say, that you can eliminate the trivial, not your style ideas unless they fit in the honesty, hard work and thorough knowledge category.

Following is an example of notes taken by a writer, of ideas from various published authors. Notice how these ideas are universal? With slight rewording, they not only apply for different countries, but also for different careers as well.

    • Read reviews, trade journals, how-to-books and research material and information on the subject or author.


    • Read about the type of work you hope to publish or in which you are involved.


    • Set goals while you work, HARD.


    • Get over; fear of failure and fear of success. Force yourself to move past those fears.


    • Do not bank on a single manuscript, keep writing and submitting.


    • When you look back and see problems in your prior work – it means that you’ve learned and grown beyond the novice stage.


    • Don’t wait for the mailbox reply – continue working.


    • Successful writers do more writing and reading than anything else.


    • Successful writers use conferences, critique groups, how-to-books and articles, workshops and guilds as supplements.


    • Work steadily.


    • The successful writer is disciplined, persistent, patient, and puts quality before speed.


    • Discipline includes saying no to interruptions, outings, and other non-emergencies.


    • Successful writers have given up lots of lunches, hundreds of television shows, golfing and bowling.


    • Get in the habit of saying, “I’m working Monday – Friday 8-8, with rare exceptions.


    • If you get scared, push on in spite of fear.


    • Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.


    • Learn from your mistakes and continually re-examine your direction and goals.


    • Just do it, and keep doing it!


    • Write what you know.
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