Sign Strategies for the Distinguished Sign Buyer: Outperformance by Design™

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Sign Strategies for the Distinguished Sign Buyer

“Outperformance by Design”

It’s not just a sign . . . It’s an Investment!

By Sherry Piatti, RJ’s Signs & Designs, LLC


Signs are the most efficient, effective, and consistent revenue generating marketing device for small and medium size businesses.  They are on the job for you 24/7.  Signs also cost significantly less per thousand viewers than any other media. Period. But before you rush out and stick up a sign, consider these quick and easy sign strategies to help maximize your sign buying power.


To maximize your sign investment take the time to strategize!  Be honest about who you want as your customers.  Are your customers cutting edge?  Are your customers a trend-setting, goal seeking type of crowd? Or do you prefer the status quo, don’t rock the boat type of crowd? If so, then be uniquely those things to them!


The surest way to fail at being distinguishable is by stereotyping, or being victimized by opinions that do not move you towards your ultimate goal!
. . . and what are you ultimate signage goals?
  • Signs that Generate Sales
  • Signs that Help Viewers Develop a Memory of You.  3 x 7=Sales
  • Signs that Build a Specific Brand Image

So let’s check out the following sign strategies that offer Outperformance by Design™ in three simple steps!

  1. Location!  Location! Location!
  2. Size Matters
  3. Composition . . .  “Convince me Quickly!”  
Photo by Dan Mihai

Photo by Dan Mihai

1.  Location. Location. Location.

When designing the ideal sign for your application, describe your sign site in detail.  Is the site prominent or does it have to compete with surrounding ads, buildings or any other obstructions?
Is the site within a driver’s line of sight or is it set back a distance from the street, such as the sign in photo ═════►► ═════►►


Consider the area’s speed limit. Is it city or highway speeds?  How many lanes of traffic?
How many viewing seconds does your sign site allow for the average reader?
If your location is not idea, is there a better location?  Ask around, talk to landowners to get their permission to use or rent an area for your sign.


There are three types of Sign Locations:

Mild. . . Medium . . . Hot!

The HOTTER the Location . . . The fewer the Options!

•MILD:  Your sign site is in a wide open, non-competing space with lots of white space!
•Your Options:  Place in all the copy you desire.  “What the heck, there’s nothing else to read on this long boring road trip!”
•MEDIUM: Competition is closing in on your site.  Traffic too is ramping up and people are just plain in a hurry.
•Your Options:  Beef up your sign.  Cut text in half, and make the other half one attention getting picture.  A picture is worth a Thousand Sales!
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

•HOT: Your site is in a busy traffic area, with mere seconds to view  your message.  There are other ads or obstructions in the area competing for the audiences attention.
•Your Options:  State your case and make it Lightning Quick! One bold  isolated Photo with bold words as primary copy.  . . . . . . . . Or find a different location.


2. SIZE MATTERS “Objects in the mirror, are closer than they appear”

Whether your sign site is in a non-competing wide-format or is limited in white space and breathing room . . .
There are tips and tricks to counteract overwhelming areas or maximize and draw attention to messages that would otherwise be lost!


What is the Most Important Element in Designing an Effective Sign?
. . . . The highly debatable
. . . . . The undeniably subjective



COMPOSITION . . . . “Keep your Eye on the Goal!”
. . . Content must be QUICK.
. . . Content must be UNIQUE.
. . . Content must be CONVINCING.
In today’s Fast-Paced Society it’s safe to assume
Viewers are busy  -so get to your unique point quickly.
Viewers don’t care about who you are, but rather what you can do for them.
Viewers have a brief attention span! So make your design worthy of recall.
KEEP IT SIMPLE! Get into your Customers’ heads . . . and out of your non-customers’ heads.

Additional sign strategies to consider:

What values do your Customers appreciate?
What would convince your Customers that you’re unique?
What motivates your Customers to act!
SIGN DESIGN 101 . . .
Fulfill these basic principals and your sign will be a consistent revenue-generator for your business,
giving you the most efficient, effective, and economical return on your advertising dollars!
To Further Generate Revenue . . .
Solidify your brand and maximize impact by making frequent changes to your sign.
The longer the same message has been displayed, the less effective over time it becomes.
New messages shows life, and renews interest in your brand.


A Rule for Life !

Avoid opinions that do not move you toward your ultimate goals, and heed opinions that move you in the right direction.

This includes the opinions of those who are not interested in what you’re selling, or those with whom you don’t want to do business.
Your Only Competition . . . .
. . . Is YOU!
At so many levels.


We leave you with Quotes from Will Smith…
“Most people you are going to be in competition with are not gonna give 100 percent. When I say I am going to run three miles, I run five!”  With that mentality, it’s actually difficult to lose. If God did not want you to have it, that is one thing.  But if you do not get what you desire because you are lazy, there is no pain worse that that!”


Give 100 percent and you too will have . . .
“Outperformance by Design”
Feature Image by St.Free-Lance.RU

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Sign Strategies for the Distinguished Sign Buyer

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