15 Secrets to Closing a Sale

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  1. Take the initiative to make follow-up contact. 
  2. Determine whether a phone or personal meeting is called for (if it’s a complex decision — set an appointment). 
  3. When you call, make sure it is a good time for the person to talk. If it is not, schedule a more appropriate time. 
  4. Think service, not sales – focus your attention on what the client needs. Find out as much as you can about the results the person is seeking. 
  5. Welcome all questions — Act in their best interest and give them straight answers. 
  6. Understand before you answer. Also ask them questions, so you can tailor their needs. 
  7. Know your competition – be prepared not only to address questions about your product or service specifically, but to demonstrate how it compares to others, what trends it reflects in the field, what research shows relative to the issues involved and how people similar to your prospect are using what you offer. 
  8. Exude confidence in your skills and in your knowledge. If there is something you don’t know the answer to, offer to get back to their questions. To build trust is to talk about work you have done with similar clients and offer the names and references for your potential customer to contact. Boost your authority by holding informal surveys or focus group with potential customers to find out as many of concerns, questions and issues that would arise when you talk to potential customers. 
  9. © Franz Pfluegl | Dreamstime.com

    © Franz Pfluegl | Dreamstime.com

    If possible, offer some type of guarantee. 

  10. Welcome and respond to objections. If someone offers an objection it is a sign they are still interested. Think of objections as stated questions, ie; “That’s an awful lot of money,” is essentially asking, “Will this be worth that much to me?”   
  11. Find out if that person is ready to make a buying decision. 
  12. Walk the person step-by-step through what is involved in buying. (The more graphically explained the better). 
  13. Ask for the order – every time appropriate – ask for the sale directly. 
  14. Get the money – have a contract and spell out the terms of payment – get an authorized signature.  When extending credit – use a credit report agency. 
  15. Always leave the door open for the next contact. The harder it is to get a client, the harder it will be for someone else to take that client away from you.


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