Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks for Efficient Management
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Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks for Efficient Management

If all other time management tips have failed you, try the easiest method available. Schedule tasks in time blocks.

Sample Time Block Scheduling

Example: Set time to do paperwork from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a time to run errands to be anytime after 1 p.m.  Unless an errand is a dire emergency, it can wait.  Chances are the errand won’t be that urgent that it can’t wait two or so more hours.  Start now and get control of your time.  See an example of how to Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks below.

Time Blocks Example:

5-7 am Clean, Exercise, Read the Paper or Mail

7-8 am Eat Breakfast, Get Ready for Work

8-8:30  Commute

8:30-Noon Answer Mail, Return Phone Calls, etc.

1-5 pm Work on Reports, Projects, etc.

5:30-8:00 Meals, Dishes, Clean, Errands

8-10 pm Relax, Read, Bedtime

For a Blank 7-Day week at a Glance Calendar, Click this Link >> Time Blocks Week at a Glance Calendar

Simplify life and Schedule Tasks in Time Blocks for Efficient Management!

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