Reinforcing the Purchase Decision | Four Simple Tips
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Reinforcing the Purchase Decision | Four Simple Tips

Without reinforcing the customer’s decision to purchase, it will be difficult to turn them into repeat clients, much less into clients that will refer business to you. Below are four simple tips to help build customer relationships and boost their confidence by reinforcing the purchase decision.


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Reinforcing the Purchase Decision

1.) Give the consumer more than he/she expected – do not let them know ahead of time or it won’t be unexpected.


2.) Provide belief-raising, doubt-reducing information. Assure them they have gotten quality items at a good price.


3.) Reinforce in your advertising – for those whom have already purchased from you will be listening.


4.) Reinforce in written material, written reinforce is to be supplied after the purchase. Make it a pleasant surprise. Mail or hand them a printed guarantee and a number to call for further questions.


 Materials needed prior to the sale

  1. Written Product/Service Guarantee
  2. Brochure showing a price and features comparison to that of your competitors
  3. Product samples or a coupon for a FREE one-hour of your service
  4. Handy reference of your contact information


Handling Sales Objections

Reinforcing the Purchase Decision | Four Simple Tips

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