Reach the Inattentive with your Advertising
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Get your money’s worth when running your advertisement by capturing everyone’s attention.

Below are a few suggestions to get a jump-start on your marketing efforts.


1. Frequency. Create your ad so that it is shorter, but ran more often.

2. Begin your ad/commercial with your pre-processed word and logo. They should appear at the same time and within the first 1-1/2 seconds into the commercial.  What is a Pre-processed Word?  Pre-processing is putting your logo with a word – the word being first (thus the term pre-process).  Example: Drink Coca Cola.  Pre-processing creates instant impact. The word- process means, “the search for meaning.” How to Pre-Process:

  • Chose a pre-processed word.  Example: Restaurant, food, eat, learn, lose, win, wealth, drive, etc.
  • Link your brand name (in spoken or logo form) with your pre-processed word.  Example:  Fast Frieda’s Delivery Service, Luxury Cruise Liners, Inc.
  • It WILL seem awkward at first – just stick to using your preprocessed word.

3. Show your logo repeatedly throughout your commercial.

4. Deliver your point line right after one of your logo appearances.

5. Repeat your company or product name many times in ad/audio. In written copy, all you need is:

  • Pre-processed word
  • Logo
  • Point line

All three of the above should be in big bold print. Any additional material in your written ad is a bonus and may or may not even be read by consumer.

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