Keep Customers Coming Back | Seven Simple Ways
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Keep Customers Coming Back | Seven Simple Ways

Keep Customers Coming Back | Seven Simple Ways

  1. Do a great job – go the extra mile — give more than they expect.
  1. Deliver on time. Make deadlines you are sure you can meet, then see if you can beat them. Coming in ahead of time will be a delightful surprise.
© Paul Moore |

© Paul Moore |

  1. Solicit feedback – always inquire to make sure the customer is pleased.
  1. Make it right — do whatever it takes to compensate your customer.
  1. Give preferential treatment. Let your regular customers know they come first! When possible exclude them from price hikes.
  1. Go out of your way to assist your customers business. If possible, refer business to them or provide them with tips that will aid their success. Introduce them to others who could be of help to them.
  1. Answer phone calls and correspondence promptly – phone calls should be returned within two hours and letters within one week. If necessary, hire someone or work late. But keep current.

I am a firm believer that if you give even 80% effort you will be in the top 10% or higher in customer service. Don’t be intimidated by anything or anyone as your competitors will have just as many insecurities as the next business.  If you would like to ensure to keep customers coming back, stay focused and follow through on these seven simple ways.

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 Keep Customers Coming Back | Seven Simple Ways

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