Increase Sales with Newsletter Mailings

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Increase Sales with Newsletter Mailings

by Sherry Piatti

Newsletters are wonderful tools for keeping in touch with your customers and potential customers. They allow you the opportunity to communicate the most information to the best possible market for your product and services.  If only for the sole purpose of keeping your customers from forgetting about you, it’s a good idea to keep reminding them. Newsletters are an efficient platform for making announcements, updating consumers, portraying your style, or informing them on your new products or services.  Newsletters are also a good way to show off your latest projects.  Combine these benefits into your content and you will surely increase sales with newsletter mailings.

Your newsletter content should be informational and focus on matters of importance to your readers. As an example, The Exposition newsletter is mainly distributed to businesses, so the focus is on marketing, time management, motivation, finances, goals, sales, follow-up, and of course, signs & advertising. The Exposition also offers customer profiles —free of charge as a service to its customers.

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Newsletters have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer who prefers to write, typeset and publish your own newsletter, you’ll soon find it extremely time-consuming. The second problem with producing your own newsletter is the flexibility to change the format at your discretion, as I have done many times.  To ensure you increase sales with newsletter mailings, the focus should be on supplying substantial content rather than a frilly appearance.

It’s best to gather ideas from other newsletters, then design the layout into a format that suits you —then stick with your decision.   It is perfectly fine to change the theme of your newsletter eventually, but preferably not until you have newsletter brand recognition.

To determine whether you have increased sales with newsletter mailings put coupons or reference codes in your newsletter and track those calls.  If you have written an effective newsletter, you should notice feedback within the first mailing and increased sales within three mailings.

Whether you change the format or stay consistent, the important point is to send out at least three issues before judging results.  RJ’s Signs & Designs, LLC began mailing The Exposition to a list of their customers and core market. After distributing six quarterly issues of the Exposition, RJ’s stopped publication long enough to revamp their mailing list.

They retained all the companies that became customers from the marketing efforts of the newsletter.  Those that hadn’t become customers despite receiving the newsletter, got replaced by a whole new core market (aka, the sprinkler effect). The old market was good, but the new core market immediately proved better. RJ’s Signs & Designs would not have known this without changes and testing.

One last tip to ensure you consistently increase sales with newsletter mailings and that is to have the bulk of your content written in advance.  Always work at least three newsletter in advance so you are prepared for any unexpected project that might take you away from keeping your newsletter consistently on schedule.  Believe me when I tell you this, if you send a quarterly newsletter you will find those three months fly by fast between issues!

Your efforts will be rewarded by increased sales with your newsletter mailings.

RJ's Signs & Designs, LLC

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