Have A Speech, But Not An Audience

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In the January – March issue of RJ’s Exposition, we discussed the importance of the implementation of a publicity kit to secure an on – camera or radio interview as a a means of getting a topic across to the public while gaining inexpensive exposure for your company. One ingredient needed in the publicity kit is the proof of your experience and ability to speak in public. If you already have all the proof and experience you need, then super, you are way ahead in the game. However, whether you have a publicity kit, but do not have speaking experience, below are some helpful suggestions to help you gain the experience you need to impress upon the producers for that all important interview.

If you also don’t have a publicity kit, please refer to the January – March issue of RJ’s Exposition or call Sherry at (920) 339 – 9305 for a back issue.


*Encyclopedia of Associations

*The Directory of The United States Trade Shows, Expositions, and Conventions

*Civic Groups

*Trade Groups

*Professional Groups


*The “National Speakers Association Membership Directory” – can be used as a resource for any organization seeking to hire a professional speaker. Once you have a topic and organization, find out the names of their meeting planners or program directors and call them.

*Tell them your background and topic.

*Send a copy of your publicity kit.

*Follow-up with a second phone call. Ask to be announced in their newsletter for your upcoming speech and check on using a press release. Write your own  introduction and give it to the meeting planner. Use visuals and role-playing during the speech. Offer to answer questions in the back of the room after the speech. Be sure to request a copy or tear sheet of any article about you and keep it on file.

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