Are you a slave to Time?

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Are there so many demands on time that you can’t squeeze another second out of your schedule? If so, you have “timelock.” Just as gridlock stops traffic, timelock stops productivity. Here’s what to do to get unlocked:

• THINK of what you want out of life – not how much you can get done. Assess all your activities. If they add to your life keep them. If not, eliminate them whenever possible.

• UNDERSTAND your body clock. It’s irregular and not as uniform as time from a clock. Identify its peak times. That’s when to schedule especially difficult work.

• DON’T CROWD every minute with some task. If you do, tension rises and effectiveness declines.

• SLOW DOWN Don’t be addicted to rushing. Ask, “Why am I rushing? What’ll happen if I don’t?” Know the difference between necessary haste and impatience.

• SUBTRACT An old activity when you add a new one.

Source: Ralph Keyes, Writing in Parade.

STRESS TIP:   Next time you’re feeling the stress of a difficult situation, ask yourself how your favorite cartoon character would handle it. This might cause you to pause and chuckle.

Source: Steve Allen.

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