12 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail!

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With so many books, magazines and other sources available to help businesses succeed, I decided to elaborate on a list I came upon in the Jul/Aug. ’93 edition of Personal Selling Power Magazine.

1.  NOT MAKING ENOUGH CALLS  »  How much is enough calls? Take the time to document sales calls to establish the average amount of actual contacts, leads and leads to sales ratio that can be made in an hour. The numbers will either startle or inspire you.

2. NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH PROMISES  »  Or to be more specific, making promises that you couldn’t keep in the first place. Honesty is the best policy. Though you may think you are the most honest person in the world, ask yourself, when was the last time you told a customer the delivery date set is not possible? Scary isn’t it?

3. NOT LISTENING  »  This can be a serious problem. It may not be that you don’t want to listen, but that you can’t. If your mind easily wanders or is racing so much that you become distracted, force yourself to listen. If you find that difficult, check out books at the library on the subject of listening, Attention Deficit Disorder or even Anxiety. It may be something as simple as needing increased exercise and cutting out your caffeine intake. This includes; coffee, some teas, soda and chocolate.

4. NOT STARTING EVERY DAY WITH A PLAN  »  Make a list of five or so items that you will complete today, them focus on them.

5. NOT DESCRIBING BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS CLEARLY, SUCCINCTLY AND PERSUASIVELY  »  You may think your explaining in simple terms when in actuality your not even speaking on the same level.

6. NOT ASKING FOR THE ORDER OFTEN ENOUGH  »  Rule of Thumb: ask for the order three times.

7. NEGATIVELY PREJUDGING THE PROSPECTS DECISION TO “NOT BUY”  »  Another of it’s kind is NEGATIVELY PREJUDGING THE PROSPECTS “ABILITY” TO BUY. Some companies do not realize that judging people only ends up costing that company not only the immediate sale, but many more sales in addition. The salesperson may think they’ve only rejected one…or did they mean they only rejected one “that day.” They all add up!

8. NOT DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS OBJECTIONS HEAD ON  »  Don’t be afraid to ask  questions and to “think out” the customers needs.

9. IGNORING THE POWER OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE  »  Many people think that being  optimistic is being unrealistic when in reality, being pessimistic is simply being NEGATIVE.  Practice affirmations and read, listen and watch inspirational stories.

10. NOT CHANGING AND GROWING  »  lmprove yourself by one percent in five categories. Example: dieting, exercise, positive thinking, procrastination, spirituality, education, salesmanship, etc. It will feel painless, yet you will have made a five percent improvement overall.


12. FAILURE TO WORK SMARTER AND HARDER  »  lf it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly. You can’t pick up a guitar for the first time and play beautiful music. Study and practice – most importantly . . . . start at the beginning.

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