12 Must Rules for Effective Market Material

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From the book entitled, “Getting Business to come to you,” by Paul and Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas, I have found 12 basis rules for marketing material that will help you make each advertising piece effective and inexpensive.

1. Think in terms of a marketing campaign, not in single advertising pieces. Each item and technique you use is coordinated to complement and enhance the others.

2. Aim your message directly at the people who can benefit from your product or service and at those who are in a position to buy. Example: Direct mail should be sent directly to the name of the person in charge.

3. Put yourself in the position of your prospect – the person receiving your message. Stress to them the advantage of purchasing your product/service.

4. The amount of money spent on a particular piece of promotional material has absolutely no relation to the ability of the piece to accomplish it’s objective. In fact, often times the less spent on flashy material the better.

5. The goal is not to create a memorable promotional piece, but to create a piece that makes your product or service memorable.

6. Being clever just for the sake of being clever is a dangerous game.

7. Aim for immediate impact – arrest attention quickly, you only have seconds.

8. Less is usually more. Avoid clutter. The less said – the more impact!

9. Limit each piece to a single objective. Make a single point/theme and follow it all the way through.

10. Whether in print, on radio, or on television, limit the emphasis used throughout the particular promotion. Do not over – accentuate.

11 . Always, always call for action. Lead them to act by stating what action you wish them to take. Example: “Call Now.” “Write For.” “Look For.” or “Remember.”

12. Before Making any absolute claims about your product or service, any comparative claims over that of your competitors, or any special offers to various customers, and before sending any form of promotion through the mail or having any direct communication with a competitor, be sure you are aware of all the laws that might affect you, your promotion and your actions. Discuss with your attorney before you start your campaign

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