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About CheckMeDaily.com

A Daily Resource to Help You Organize and Simplify Business!

By Sherry Piatti

CheckMeDaily.com came about as a result of my relentless research and writing on the subjects of business and marketing, goal achievement, organization and stress management.

After decades of note-taking and highlighting, I would often share with others the most popular solutions and checklists.  Some listeners welcome the information, while others simply prefer to derail all efforts! Then there are the super receptive individuals who are delighted with the information and often ask for more details.

The sharing method I used quickly became a time-consuming distraction leading to personal frustration and discouragement.  However, despite the work involved I was not willing to stop sharing the information.  Instead, I decided to organize my resources in a manner constructed for simple sharing and exponential business potentialNot just for my benefit, but for the benefit of CMD contributors and readers as well.

Therefore, in an effort to organize the most useful information in simple to access and share fashion CheckMeDaily.com was born.  The source that began from one person’s quest for organization and simplification has since added contributors to CMD & Company.

The majority of CMD content is organized and original.  Individuals who have contributed to the topics or inspired the articles are credited in each post.

© Fallenangel | Dreamstime.com

© Fallenangel | Dreamstime.com

CheckMeDaily.com was initially about Simple Solutions to Help You Take Control and Life Your Best Life, but has since expanded to include Business & Marketing, Goal Motivators, Health and Beauty, and favorite internet tools and must have information on key professionals that truly will help you Organize and Simplify Business and Life!

For Example:

  • To learn more about 20 Simple Solutions to Help You Take Control and Live Your Best Life,  CLICK HERE!
  • For a handy Reference about reputable Alternative Cancer Treatment Specialists, Contact Information and Testimonials, CLICK HERE!
  • Have a ton of ideas but need to get organized so you can Put Your Ideas Into Action? CLICK HERE!
  • Looking for Tricks of the Trade Shows to help pull it all together and make your presence looked polished? CLICK HERE!
  • Plus over 60 articles and handy reference guides about business and marketing, organization, motivation, and simplification.

The main goal of CheckMeDaily.com is to offer original material to help you organize and simplify.  It also offers a simple sharing option so others may learn about CMD.  So please share, share and share some more!  Each page, post and promotion has a quick link option for forwarding the information via your favorite sharing method, be it Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Blogger and StumbleUpon to name a few.  New outlets will be added as they become available.

So please CheckMeDaily.com and prepare to be amazed!

For those interested in becoming a contributor consider CMD as an outlet to express your original thoughts, creativity, and business in a far reaching, simply organized and efficient manner.

To learn more about CMD, Contact Sherry Piatti at 920.339.9305 or email HERE!


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