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The Little Trick to Make Any Moment Better: Zen Habits

There are lots of ways to relax when we are stressed: meditation, yoga, tea, massage, exercise, talking with a friend, taking a hot bath or shower, sex. And I highly recommend all these. But none of these actually relax you unless your mind approaches them with a relaxed attitude, and lets go of tightness. These things happen to trigger the release of tightness for most of us, but in truth, you can let go of tightness without any of these relaxing activities, no matter what you’re doing.


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How to Be the Best: Final Note on 20 Simple Solutions

Bottom line if you want to be the best remember to be GREAT to yourself. You are the most valuable person in your present, future and past. Have fun with daily tasks and disregard negative thoughts or outside contributions unless they prove to be valuable towards helping you be the best.


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Solution 20: The Past You Are Creating Today!

The past you are creating today, however, is HIGHLY significant! Guard you thoughts, feeling and your emotions with your Life! Take each day moment by moment with the mindset that what you are doing or thinking this very moment not only shapes your future, but will also be the past you are creating today!


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Solution 19: Get Rid of Stale Conversations

Eliminating stale conversations will take practice at first, but eventually it will be second nature to you. Perhaps you will even become a leader at setting the tone for refreshingly productive conversations.


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Solution 18: Celebrate Every Good Moment

Feelings are the most powerful magnet for getting what you want, or more specifically, to get more of what you are feeling. When you celebrate each snippet of time that provoked good feelings, you’ll bring about more 'feel good' situations. Thus the importance of practicing the ability to celebrate every good moment.


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Solution 17: What Your Fears Are Telling You

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Are you anxious, nervous, or worried about a project or a specific client? If you are receiving any of these negative fear-type feedback, then repeat, “thank you for my ability to handle events beautifully.” Or, “thank you for making this project go smoothly from beginning to end.” Being thankful will have a huge impact on your emotions and your feelings, particularly if you do it with a smile, which in turn will bring to you more of what you’re grateful about.


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