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Solution 16: Act in Expectation, Not Contradiction!


Act in expectation and preparedness for the attainment of your goals. Make a list of things you can do externally that would symbolize abundance of greatness internally. In other words, make your actions reinforce your thinking to deepen the groove of certainty in your mind that the achievement of your desires are assured.


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Solution 15: Switch Your 40 Hour Focus


If you are continually annoyed by clients who waste your time, haggle on price, micromanage the project, take you off course or are slow to pay, then it’s time to switch your 40 hour focus!


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Solution 14: Smoothing Bad Situations: Jagged Bowling Ball Technique


When I encountered a bad argument that appeared to have resulted in irreparable damage to the relationship, I found the following technique especially powerful in smoothing bad situations. If you're not a fan of visualization exercises, don't jump ship just yet! This technique is super simple to perform.


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Solution 13: Treat Your Project Like a House Flip

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Enormous projects need not appear like the elephant in the room. Simplify the process by treating larger projects like experts treat a house flip.


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